Think Pelosi and Conyers have been telling the truth about not impeaching Bush?

Posted by: ST on October 19, 2006 at 6:40 pm


Pelosi and Conyers want to convince the American people that they won’t be impeaching Bush. But they’re not telling the truth.

They want it. They can see it. They taste it and smell it. A Dem-controlled House would put Rep. John Conyers at the head of the House Judiciary Committee.

Bush, of course, is the ‘enemy’ they’d rather fight (instead of Islamofascists) which is why they want control of Congress so badly. Priorities, you know.

These people simply cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Ever. God help if they end up taking control of Congress.

Hat tip: Stop The ACLU

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    1. Severian says:

      This is all part of a plan on the part of a certain segement of Democrats and far leftists who, frustrated by their inability to get a Democrat elected honestly to the presidency, intend to attempt to backdoor their way in, all because they love democracy so much of course. They plan, along with the hard left/marxist organizations listed, to attempt to impeach Bush and Cheney on trumped up charges and lies, in order to get comrade Pelosi into the White House. This scheme is so outrageous it may well succeed, as most Americans will not believe they can be so underhanded. Know they enemy…anyone still want to sit this election out to teach the Republicans a lesson?

    2. Drewsmom says:

      This would be worse than the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.
      GO VOTE.!!!!!!**==

    3. arcman says:

      I said this several times in the last 8 years, but this truely is the most important election in our lifetime. If Pelosi and co. seize control of congress, and Reid and co. the Senate, we will be looking at increased taxes, impeachment procedings, lack of confirmation of conservative and constitutional justices, the attempt to socialize our medical community, and the pullout of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the loss of the GWOT. We have to vote to keep them out!

    4. – As volitile as this election season is, with events happening almost daily, I don’t think Cleo in her finest moment could devine the elction results. But taking a scenario where the Dems manage to eke out a thin margin in the house, I view it as “giving them just enough rope”. Up til now the Dhemmi’s have been able to hide their lack of alternative idea’s, other than cut and run, behind the “we’re not Bush” screed. after taking the house, they won’t be able to do that anymore with the “we’re not in charge” excuse, and after two years of watching the “investigation” fiasco’s, imbicilic impeachment attempts, and efforts to raise every tax in sight, yet more efforts aimed at crippling us in the WOT, I gotta believe all of that will just cement the Republicans chances in ’08, just as it did in ’04. I don’t think the Dimbulbs have a clue as to the fierce reaction they’ll get from mainstream America if they try an impeachment. It will be pure and simply political suicide for their party if they do.

      – As Coulter said a few weeks ago, “If the Dems can’t pull it off this time, they might as well pack it in and go home”.

      – The interesting thing really, is that in an “off” year election, when the out party has a slam dunk historically, it’s still in doubt, even just a few weeks before election day. Even with the political wind at their backs, the Dems are in a fight. Not exactly a mandate.

      – Regardless of the outcome, Congressional elections are a “local” issue. The Dems do not have to answer to any of the larger issues for now. Winning in a National campaign is a completely different kettle of fish. That’s when all the damage of the far left will come home to roost, and the Dems empty wagon of idea’s, and anti-American, European thinking, will come out loud and clear. Personally, and fortunately because of the constant drumbeat of ill-advised Leftist comments, I think we on the Right are in a good position. Lets hope the moonbats go right on dragging the Dem party around by its nose.

      – Bang **==

    5. brad says:

      Why impeach? Why not just have investigations and oversight to set up the 08 victory? What does an impeachment get them?

    6. Severian says:

      Revenge for Clinton’s impeachment, and if they’re successful, a back door into getting a hyper liberal like Pelosi in the Oval Office.

    7. brad – they follow the idea that because they in the minority hate Bush, everyone hates bush. they conflate the natural human distaste for war with the “against the WOT” screed, more wishful thinking. they try to present the situation in Iraq as a seperate issue from the overall war on terror. their entire troupe against the was stems from two issues, neither one of which they’ll ever discuss.

      – On the one hand they go nuts watching money being spent oversea’s they could be handing out to their rag tag following in the form of give-aways, and on the other they know that in war time, historically, the electorate never changes parties. that translates to 10 more years before they would hope to regain power, if the war was even ended by that time.

      – With those yards sticks they simply CAN’t back the war, and get shoulder to shoulder with their fellow American’s in this fight. They have no choice in their minds than to demonize Bush. It’s all they’ve got. But it’s a big mistake. Debate yes. Disaggree yes. But demonize, aide and abet the enemy by fighting tooth and nail against everything we need to win. It could be the end of political gravitas for a long time for the Democratic party, if they don’t wake up.

      – Bang **==

    8. brad says:

      But it would take longer than 2 years to work out an impeachment of both bush and cheney?

      And why would they want a clinton revenge? theyre not clinton. They want oversight. They want to dig up and find wrongdoing. And then they want to show it around and use it in 08, and to paralyze the bush agenda.

    9. NC Cop says:

      You got it, Sev. That’s exactly what they are planning. They have been desperate for revenge for Clinton and now they think they have it. As much as I hate to say it, I think this round of elections are lost. I think the Dems will take control of both houses and disaster will soon follow.

      The last 2 year propoganda campaign by the MSM has finally paid off. Even if people are frustrated with the GOP, do they honestly think the Dems are going to win the GWOT, seal the border, or win in Iraq??? If these issues are so important to people, how on earth can they expect the likes of Dean, Pelosi, and Conyers to solve them???

    10. – I don’t think they will NC. We’ll see come Nov 7th, and even more in ’08.

      – Bang **==

    11. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      If the GOP loses the House (which I think they will, by a few seats) and loses the Senate (which I don’t think will happen), then impeachment becomes Priority #1 for Democrats. Their bloodthirsty base demands it. Ask Joe Lieberman what happened when he went against the brownshirts now running his old party!

      In a wierd way I would almost looking forward to see what devilry Democrats plan to put forth. I have never seen a nation destroy itself before, at least not while I was inside it.

      I doubt that they have enough votes to impeach Bush in the legal way even if they win both houses of Congress. So in that case look for sleazy (not to mention illegal) measures like impeachment “riders” attached to major bills that Democrats push through Congress or “re-interpretation” of the Constitution to try to remove Bush and Cheney without following the Constitutionally-mandated process. Don’t forget raiding the US Treasury to fund political witch hunts! And if you thought the MSM was bad before the election, just wait until afterwards! Joseph Goebbels, eat your heart out!

    12. Phil says:

      Maybe what needs to happen is for the President and Vice President to threaten to go Jihad on the Democrats and maybe they will let it go.

    13. Phil says:

      No Sev and NC Cop I don’t think that it is in the bag for the Democrats, I have done a lot of looking around and reading from diffent blogs, Powerline and Captains Quarters and RedState and it does not look as though that the Liberals have it in the bag in fact I doubt that the Libs will even pick up more than about one or two seats at the most. :d:d:d:d

    14. Ryan says:

      “They want oversight.”

      If you believe that’s all they want I’ve got a bridge to sell you. They hate Bush.

    15. brad says:

      Yes htey hate bush. And they’re salivating at the prospect of oversight of him. Remember the gingrich congress? like that.

    16. Baklava says:

      Brad wrote, “Yes htey hate bush.

      Really? That is sooo sad… I hope they can improve themselves so they aren’t full of hate. It’s a sad way to live. I wish there was something I could say to people who hate but their emotions are so strong that I’m afraid they are stuck and won’t get unstuck until they decide to. It’ll result in them making poor decisions until they do. So sad…