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October 27, 2006

Proposed Missouri Amendment 2: Pro human cloning?

Watch the below video, and read the text (all the way through, even the fine print) of Amendment 2 and see for yourself. This is the amendment that Senator Talent opposes on grounds that it makes human cloning legal in Missouri. It’s the same amendment that demagogue Claire McCaskill uses to accuse Senator Talent of essentially being against cures for diseases. .....   [Read More]

Election day excuse watch: If Democrats don’t win, it’s because the black vote was suppressed

While some Democrats are already pre-celebrating “victory” on election day, the MSM continues to churn its excuse-making machine in case Democrats happen to lose (aka not regain control of Congress) the election. I documented in this post and this one news articles where the MSM has gone through great lengths in order to point out the ‘rampant’ issues with voting machines, ballots, etc that may cause ‘potential’ problems on election day......   [Read More]