“24” under attack by CAIR

24First, Keith Olbermann called the show “propaganda” for the administration in the WOT, and now the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is worried that people won’t be able to tell fact from fiction. Here’s a CAIR press release (via K. Lo):

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/18/07) – A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today expressed concern that the new story line on Fox’s “24” terror drama may have a negative impact on the national debate over civil liberties.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the explosion of a nuclear device near Los Angeles at the end of the most recent episode of “24” may also serve to increase anti-Muslim prejudice in American society.

SEE: Muslims Unhappy Over `24′ Portrayal (AP)

In a statement, the Washington-based group said:

“The raw emotional impact of fictional scenes that include widespread death and destruction in America may adversely affect the public’s attitude toward civil liberties, religious freedom and interfaith relations. The program’s repeated association of acts of terrorism with Islam will only serve to increase anti-Muslim prejudice in our society.

“We have communicated the American Muslim community’s concerns about this season’s story line to Fox officials and will work with the network to help viewers distinguish between televised fiction and actual world events.”

Great. I’d love to see how they try and distinguish the Islamofascists hell bent on destroying America in “24” from these very real Islamofascists. As far as that goes, there is no difference between the Islamofascists portrayed on “24” and the ones in real life.

But as usual, CAIR is hyperventilating apparently without reviewing the facts. If any of you watched the first two episodes of “24”, you saw the head of the fictional organization which resembles CAIR has been portrayed as a good guy who has done nothing wrong, and who – from what it looks like – will be a ‘mole’ of sorts who will be able to provide valuable information on what he hears in the internment-like camp he’s been put in to “President Palmer’s” sister, who is an ACLU-esque attorney, who will then, in turn, tell her brother.

I’ve said this before here and I’ll say it again: Rather than wasting time on fictional TV shows and trying to get conservative talk radio hosts kicked off the air, CAIR should get a hold on their Muslim brothers and restrain them from planning and committing terrorist attacks- like 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, and the hundreds of thousands of other terrorists attacks committed by Islamofascists around the world, because that’s what stirs up anti-Muslim sentiment, not shows like “24“.

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  1. Sarah, one thing completely demolishes your argument, and that’s the fact that the US has gone out of it’s way to help the Islamic world, thru tsunami relief, acting to stop ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia, and many more incidents like this. What did it get us? Even more hatred and violence against us, no gratitude, and no change in the fundamentalist Islamic desire to kill and enslave us all. Yeah, we attacked the Islamists totally unprovoked, they never did a thing to us. Revisionist history on your part will not change the facts.

  2. Sarah you have so much to learn. Do you know just how much effort the Army Corps of Engineers has put into rebuilding Iraq?? Don’t be deceived by agenda driven people who hate conservative America. All I see in your arguements are the same thinking that is so prevalent in academia. I consider it tragic that deplomacy almost never works. If it was left to me, I would love it to. But it isn’t left to us. There are very evil people out there in this great big world. And these people aren’t interested in our diplomatic efforts. Look at North Korea, why would the Kim Jong Ill break his promise to us?? Diplomacy in action it did what it was suppose to. But part of it obviously failed. How many years did we in the US argue the issue of slavery, before we went to war over it?? History has a very long list of where the last resort was war, and good men had no other choice than to go to war with evil men. – Lorica

  3. Just a few thinhgs you might want to consider Sarah before making this all out to be the US fault.

    Islamic law states that there can never be peace with infidels (any non-Muslim). There can only be a temporary truce for strategic reasons.6 There can be no peace between dar al-Islam (the Arabic term for the house of Islamic peace – anywhere where the full Islamic law is in effect) and dar al-Harb (the house of war – non-Islamic societies).

    It is also permitted for Muslim leaders to lie for the furtherance of Islamic destiny. Thus, Palestinian leaders like Arafat can promise to pursue peace but keep their fingers crossed, so to speak. That is why we have this continuing cycle of bombings and terror, even though we are in a peace process. Islam will be peaceful when it suits it diplomatically. Yet it will rise up and break treaties or accords at will when it is to the strategic advantage of the faithful.

    Additional interesting information HERE. A worthwhile read.

    The West was thrilled March 26, 1979 when President Carter hosted the signing of a “peace treaty” by Israel’s Menachem Begin and Egypt’s Anwar Sadat. Carter wanted to quote one verse each from the Bible and the Qur’an about peace. There are some 400 such verses in the Bible, but his speech writers could find only one in the Qur’an.

    Carter declared: “In the Koran, we read: ‘But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou also incline towards peace, and trust in God…’ [Surah 8:61]. So let us now lay aside war….We pray God…that these dreams will come true.”

    Islam’s “dream” however, is not what Carter and Israel envisioned. The verse says “Allah” not God—and Allah hates Jews! Surah 8 is titled “Spoils of War.” Verse 65 says, “O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight….” Verse 67 says, “It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land.” The only “peace” offered is to those vanquished in jihad (holy war) who surrender to Muslim warriors. “Peace” in Arabic comes from the word salam, which means submission—unlike the Hebrew shalom which means genuine peace among friends.


    According to shari’a (Islamic law), there can never be peace, only a temporary ceasefire, between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. This fact is found in any number of texts such as War and Peace in the Law of Islam by Professor Majid Khadduri, a Muslim expert on Islamic law. As Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic recently said, “There can be no peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic societies….” This is Islam! But political correctness will not admit the unpleasant truth.

    Lying to promote Islam is considered honorable.

    Sad thing to say, but political Correctness will be our downfall as those who seek our destruction use it against us, and the media will play a willing part in this. We have already seen it from faked stories, to actual helping of terrorists by media reporters.

    It very well may be that Islam could be a religon of peace, but extremists have highjacked it for their own means, using to justify themselves in the killing of others, and until other Muslims stand up and with a untied voice cry out that this is wrong, nothing will change. Most “moderate” muslims stand silent.

    PC mentality is killing the US, and harming our ability to root out cells here in the US. The leaks to the media cause terrorists to monitor leaks and change tactics to avoid capture or detection.

    U.S. authorities said sleeper cells also operate in at least 40 states from Florida and New York to California and Washington state — living low-profile lives, often in ethnic communities. The September 2002 arrest of seven members of a terrorist cell in Lackawanna, N.Y., just south of Buffalo, was a first major clue to their existence.

    Between 2,000 and 5,000 terrorist operatives are said to be in the United States, many of whom are hiding in ethnic communities throughout the country, populated by millions of foreign immigrants, including illegal aliens for which the U.S. government cannot account.


    Not completely sure about this, but from what I hear, right here in my state of Michigan, is the Islamic Capitol in the US: Link

    Want to see a map that will scare you? Link

    But thats ok, it’s all OUR fault. Poverty makes these poor unfortunate little angels strap bombs to their chests and blow up women and children. (poverty myth has been debunked by the way before you start going on and on agreeing).

    Reading what you have written sarah makes me wonder just what it is you really want. You make it seem like war is the only thing the US wants and muslims are just mis-understood and chopping off heads, raping women and children (Even the UN gets into THAT act), so-called “honor” killings, mutilating womens genitalia, ect…. are just the way muslims defend themselves.

    Again, there can be no peace, because it states it in their belief system. Only a temporary truce, until the time is right to strike out and kill all non-believers. THAT is what the extremists believe, hold true to heart and carry out.

  4. Some of our actions may have been helpful, but some of them have not. “War is not the answer, only love can conquer hate!” We must not give up because they use hate. We shouldn’t stoop to their level.

  5. Allah means God in arabic, they don’t speak english obviously so they use Allah, salam is a greeting.

    But nevermind. That is all propaganda extremists who call themselves Muslim use. Christian and Jewish extremists use the same propaganda to justify violent acts.

    And if there are so many terrorist netorks in the US, then why don’t we bomb them.

  6. Sarah, you’ve moved past the NYT-editorial level and gone completely to the end of the scale – to full-fledged Ward Churchill/Cindy Sheehan lunacy and self-hate.

    Let’s start with this gem: Muslims don’t believe what you believe so you think that gives you a right to kill them.

    Oh really? Then I must have missed all the news stories about Lutherans and Amish grabbing Muslims in places like Detroit, which would be a target-rich environment, and beheading them on camera. Or the Jewish suicide bombers detonating themselves inside mosques. I have no beef with Muslims who want to live their lives, practice their religion, and leave me to my beliefs. I have a very big problem with those who want to kill anyone who doesn’t believe, and those who aid them. You have this exactly backwards. You statement should have read “The radical Muslims don’t believe what I believe so they think that gives them the right to kill.”

    Then this:There are a lot of crazy stuff in the bible about killing people for things like adultery, and marrying a non-christian.
    Do we kill anyone for adultery in the West? Hell, if you’re a Democrat it seems to be a prerequisite for the Presidency! Do we kill anyone for marrying out of their faith? If so, prove it. Post a link. Besides, you’re completely wrong on the theology too. Read I Corinthians 7:12-15, where Paul specifically permits marriage with unbelievers.

    And this one further demonstrates Sarah has no grasp of contemporary history: People burned witches and justified their actions by quoting the bible. Gay men are lynched in backwards parts of the country beacuse some people seem to be convinced that the bible condemns homosexuality.

    Uh, Sarah, in case you didn’t notice, the only ones who are sanctioning killing homosexuals these days are the Muslims you so ardently champion. Does this mean you’d like to see this practiced here? After all, then we’d be like them, and they do nothing wrong in your eyes….

    It seems to me that there are extremists on both sides.
    Nice try at moral equivalence, but it won’t wash. Have you ever heard the dictum that if everyone you meet is a total a###ole, maybe you’re the problem? The radical Muslims have been fighting with the Buddhists, in places like Afghanistan. And that’s nothing compared to the hatred they have for the Hindus. Which in turn is insignificant compared to the intense fury they have for Christians. And of course, that’s nothing more than a matchstick compared to the blowtorch of hatred they bear toward the Jews. Do you detect a pattern here, Sarah? Come on…try hard.

    Maybe if you had it your way you would. You’d probably put liberals in camps, too.
    Uh huh. We covered that delusion last time. For the record, I think liberalism is something of a mental disorder, certainly (you’re a scintillating example of liberalus noncomposmentus) but camps are more the style of what your friends on the left prefer. Remember how you earlier praised all the ’60s hippies? They were insolidarity with the likes of Mao and Pol Pot, who made Hitler look benign.

    Final gurgling: Our foreign policy is making more enemies. There are putting America in danger with all these wars

    Uh, no. Actually, given the choice between fighting the jihadis with Marines and soldiers in Sadr City or with firemen and EMTs in New York, I’ll take the former.

  7. Sarah continues:

    They think we hate them for being muslim. The whole world thinks we hate them and apparently some people do, so it’s easy for them to sell their stories to people.

    Yup, that’s the ticket.

    Like when we went into Kuwait at the request of a Christian government to kill Muslims – oh wait, that’s wrong. It was at the request of a Muslim government to save Muslims.

    Or maybe it was when we went into Bosnia and Kosovo to help the Christian Serbs wipe out the Muslims there – oops, sorry, got that one backward too. Actually, we went in on the side of the Muslims and against the Serbs.

    I know! Maybe it was when we caused the December tsunami a few years ago in order to wipe out thousands of Muslims in Indonesia – darn it, wrong again. Fact is, we, along with other haters like the Australians, poured billions of dollars into providing food, medicine, and supplies to the Muslim victims of that catastrophe.

    Hey, maybe it’s the fact that we them no foreign aid – oh no, my mistake. Egypt alone gets billions from us every year.

    Yep, real track record of hating Muslims there, Sarah. We do all that, and we’re still waiting for the love to pour in from the madrassas.

    So the reason islamofascists hate America has little to do with our foreign policy. Did it ever occur to you that those who think we hate Muslims believe that because that line is pounded into their heads by way of daily brainwashing by those who have a vested interest in keeping the local populace hating us because otherwise the locals might turn to hating them?

    At least that provides a reasonable explanation of why those people hate America. We still need to find out why you do.

    Then this gem: We say we’re helping them, but terrorist attacks have increased since we attacked Iraq, so obviously the Iraqi people do not consider us their saviors, nor are we creating a positive image of freedom and democracy.
    Do you know the meaning of non sequitur? You claim to be educated – did you never take one semester hour of logic? Fact is, the terrorists recognize that Iraq is THE central front in the WOT. They are pouring in jihadis from outside of Iraq in the hope that a high enough casualty count will convince the spineless left (hello, Sarah) here in America to give up. They are fully aware that that is their only hope of winning.

    And finally, this: “If you are serious about fighting terror, the last thing you do is go around validating the premises they have built against you, if you can help it.”

    If you’re serious about fighting terror, you stand up and fight it. You can ramble on ad nauseum about how America is the cause of all the evil in the world, and how we should not oppose the Islamists. To this I say: nonsense. If someone approaches me on a dark street late at night with an open switchblade, I do not particularly care about WHY he is attacking. To participate in such navel-contemplating on a national scale is suicide. I’m not up for that. And based on the other posts in this thread, neither is anyone else here except you.

  8. If you are serious about fighting the war on terror you do it in showing strength nad power in all you do.

    The terrorists were surprised and taken back when America woke up and attacked Afghanistan, they thought we were a paper tiger. They see strength as power and power as strength.

    Now they have lost that thought of the US and have grown eboldened….why you ask?

    Because they watch us very closely to judge our reactions, and they see that it may be possible if they just findthat magic numebr of deaths of americans that the Americans will crumble in on itself and slink away with its tail between its legs….they don’t need to defeat all of America, just hit that magic number and America will do it for them.

    There is two wars going on, and whether you believe it or not, both are tied together. The war on terror and the war within. And right now we have more of a chance in defeating ourselves from within than the terrorists EVER have of defeating us themselves.

    Leakers and the media are the terrorists best friends, they do the work they couldn’t do themselves, destroying America from within.

  9. The Money Quote:
    Wouldn’t it be absurd if, in the final analysis, the people who paint the target on our backs happen to be the same people who insist that we not respond when outsiders shoot at us?
    Amen Tammy, Amen!!! – Lorica

  10. Well, logically speaking, there’s always a reason behind everything that people do. We’ve got reasons, they’ve got reasons. You should care about why he is attacking you. If one is sad, one is not just randomly sad cuz they can be, there’s a reason behind it, perhaps a series of events that led up to it. People who commit crimes don’t just kill or steal because they can. There are reasons people do those things and the frustration usually isn’t even the person they kill or the store from which they steal from. If we could figure out why people commit certain crimes then we could prevent crimes from occuring. Sometimes people are scapegoats, but one must try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. Why did that particular person choose that particular person as their scapegoat? Why did he go on a shooting rampage? Why did he rob the bank? Was it really greedy? I know films are usually seen as mindless entertainment, but most films, as well as books, focus around a series of events that lead up to the climax. The climax cannot occur if those events do not. Once the climax is reached, the problem is oftentimes solved by unraveling all the reasons (Mysterious Skin is a very controversial and tragic but interesting look at why people believe or turn out the way they do) behind what just occured during the climax. Sometimes, in movies where flashbacks are used, the viewer witnesses the climax at the very beginning (American Beauty or The English Patient), then then the film flashes back and shows the audience all the events that occured before the climax. Sometimes, as in Hamlet, the climax actually occurs before the story has even begun. However, Hamlet is a very unique and ambigious novel that does not take the usual path authors employ. There was even a movie I saw that showed the breaking point for a woman who then decides to go rob banks.

    And I personally define a terrorist as anyone who grabs a weapon and hurts someone else with it, whether it’d be a terrorist group or a nation. War is terrorism, therefore a war on terrorism is a bit absurd. I suppose according to an existentialist, everything, mankind itself, is absurd. So those kids probably weren’t surprised when countries broke out and started fighting over senseless things. It’s all such a Catch-22, this war, and this life.

  11. And I personally define a terrorist as anyone who grabs a weapon and hurts someone else with it,
    Sarah??? Does this include the police?? – Lorica

  12. Sarah wrote, “You should care about why he is attacking you.

    Yes. Understand that they are attacking you because of your ideals. “Kill the infidel” isn’t made up by westerners. Islamofacists want you dead because you don’t believe. Moral relativism muddies the water and gives us less clarity. When you Sarah do the moral relativism and act like there are as many or even 1/1000’th the Christians saying covert or die (the kill the infidel equivalent) then you have just muddied the water and the lack of clarity is more instructive about you than anyone else.

    Sarah with lack of insight wrote, “People who commit crimes don’t just kill or steal because they can.

    Well yes. Sometimes they do. Crimes aren’t always justified or done because we make people do them. In fact – more often than not people CHOOSE their path.

    Sarah who is not an expert in the criminal justice field I can tell wrote, “If we could figure out why people commit certain crimes then we could prevent crimes from occuring.

    Liberalism is the problem people. Utopia does not exist and you can’t prevent crimes by figuring out why people do them. Unless you are god.

    Sarah asked as if it’s never been asked before, “Why did he go on a shooting rampage?

    The guy shooting from the Chevrolet Caprice’s trunk while the other Islamic fanatic drove had a reason. Should we have satisfied his reasoning so that he didn’t have a reason??? Do you know what his reason was? He told people. Do you remember?

    Sarah wrote, “The climax cannot occur if those events do not.

    The sad thing is that you do not realize that it is our freedom of religion, our tolerance for homosexuals, Hollywood and other freedom related topics that are the so-called events/reasons for the climax of the Islamofacists targeting us. So removing the events and reasons would be removing our freedoms to placate Islamofacists. 90% of muslims aren’t stark raving mad and taking to arms/nukes/etc but the percentage that is is enough to warrant a LEADER to choose to PROTECT. It is up to the individual to turn the other cheek. Leaders do not turn the nation’s cheek. Leaders are obligated to take the steps necessary to protect. ACTING like somebody like Bush is unChristian or the American people are unChristian because we aren’t turning the other cheek is a perversion of the bible’s teaching. You don’t take a wife and offer her again to a rapist to show the rapist compassion. The husband is not obligated to do that. Neither is the American people or president obligated to offer up anybody to sick people who do not like us and are intent on killing as many of us (in their own words millions of us).

    Sarah wrote with wisdom, “And I personally define a terrorist as anyone who grabs a weapon and hurts someone else with it, whether it’d be a terrorist group or a nation.

    So we were terrorists for fighting in WW2? Are police terrorists for killing the watch tower serial killer shooting up people? Your moral relativism is more dangerous and judgmental than anyone who is for national security or law enforcement than I personally know.

    Pacifism (the belief in being passive at all times – it has to be all times because otherwise it’s not a belief – it’s just a desire to try to be passive) is dangerous because it lends towards evil people ruling and good people being subjugated. It is not God’s will. Pacifism is by far worse than vegetarianism because at least vegetarians are affecting their own health and lifespan. Pacifists are hurting others and leading others towards a path of lack of freedom and subjugation. Evil people do NOT care about the environment or prosperity. Evil lends towards poverty and death.

    Clarity is helpful so that we can learn, prosper, help the environment and non-able bodied and elderly. All the causes we care about are helped with security and freedom and the Islamofacist terrorists are against prosperity and freedom.

    I hope you understand now or at least tried to understand. Circular discussions are tiring.

  13. There is no such thing as good or evil. Nobody’s “evil” and if we all tried to put ourselves in each others shoes we’d realize this. People choose what they choose with specific reasons in my mind and are not always fully aware of it. I wish I could just say that there are some things that are not explainable cuz that would make things more beautiful, but there’s truly a reason behind everything. Fighting evil is so absurd like cops. They kill people who kill people, thus they both kill. The cop is supposed to be the good guy fighting crime but how could you set an example without embodying the law. I got that from ghandhi. Fighting is so absurd. It’s as if c equals a and b, but a cannot exist with b, and b cannot exist with a.

  14. Considering the fundamentals of Christian dogma, that fact that an alleged Christian can make an inane statement like “there is no good or evil” says a lot about how “Christian” Sarah actually is. :-?

  15. Baklava states:
    Pacifism (the belief in being passive at all times – it has to be all times because otherwise it’s not a belief – it’s just a desire to try to be passive) is dangerous because it lends towards evil people ruling and good people being subjugated. It is not God’s will. Pacifism is by far worse than vegetarianism because at least vegetarians are affecting their own health and lifespan. Pacifists are hurting others and leading others towards a path of lack of freedom and subjugation. Evil people do NOT care about the environment or prosperity. Evil lends towards poverty and death.

    Pacifism only works if there are others who will take up the task of protecting them, otherwise pacifism is just submitting to getting yourself killed.

    It is unbelieveable that with all the points, and PROOF that is given that someone can be this dense.

    As Bak stated, this is not Utopia, we do not live in a time of complete peace and not everyone will like you. The terrorists are not the police, they enforce the law, and most time (I admit there are bad cops and bad judgements) use force of a weapon only when their lives are in danger.

    – The police are not terrorists.

    – The average citizen is not a terrorists when they pick up a gun and protect themselves.

    So I assume you consider Clinton a terrorist too? And every Democrat that voted for the war?

    I must be nice to live in this fantasy you have sarah, but I hope you realize that there are just times when peope don’t give one rat’s ass what you care or feel, they hate you for your skin color, or your smell, or the way you look, or what you have said, or how you say it, or what you watch, or what you read, or how you dress or because their holy book tells them to hate you.

    There the world can now be at peace, and utopia can be achieved, we have figured out why the terrorists hate us, you, and EVERYONE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM.

    Now that we know, how do you propose we change to appeae the terrorists? Submit and convert to Islam under the threat of loosing your head? Dhimmitude? Stop having freedom of speech? Have all our women covered in Burkas head to toe? Honor killings? Mutilate our women and female children’s genitalia? Institute Sharia law?

    That is what the terrorists want. You now know what drives them, so now YOU can make the change in your (Heaven forbid we expect TOLERANCE from a terrorists) way of life and do all the above.

    What? You want your freedom of speech? Freedom to say and dress the way you like? To watch what you like? Ect?

    Guess what, so do I. So does Bakalava, Lorica, GWR and ST…and the majority of the US. We value our freedoms, and will fight to protect them. Our founding fathers did that so you have your right to be the pacifist that you are.

    A pacifist has that right only because great men and women pick up weapons and protect that right. They fight so you don’t have to.

    And like a typical loony democrat, you feel we should ‘feel’ and ‘understand’ what drives the hatred of everyone who is not Muslim. You consider the troops terrorists and the terrorists as “misunderstood”. Your thinking is ass-backwards.

    Granted I wish we could just ‘walk a mile’ in their shoes or figure out and fix the WHYS that cause their reactions. But if we could do that, there would be no criminals, our prisons would be empty, there would be no crime – but we don’t have the ability to know all that, we are not God.

    If we could only understand how misunderstood Jeffery Dahmer is when he eats people. Or why Charles Manson is the way he is, ect.

    If we understand THEN WE CAN CHANGE HOW WE ACT, DRESS, ect to appease the person who wants to kill us. It is up to US to change, not them.

    In your efforts to be so tolerant, you allow INTOLERANCE and RACIAL HATRED to spread because in your way of thinking, it is up to us to change and not the person who is intolerant.

    By the way, I now know why Brain is the way he is, he wants to take over the world – so now that I know, I can just let him. Pinky and the Brain….

    Last was a joke, but seemed fitting.

  16. There is no such thing as good or evil. Nobody’s “evil” and if we all tried to put ourselves in each others shoes we’d realize this.

    What a relief! The Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, Hitler, abortion, the Darfur genocide, the Soviet Gulag, Islamofascists, Stalin, the KKK, Saddam – in a metaphysical sense all these and others unfairy labeled as “evil” are somehow on a similar moral level with nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters, police, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, relief workers and others “good” people and organizations.

    With this knowledge I can sleep soundly tonight.

  17. You win Sarah. I just cannot continue this discussion. With all we do know about history, your explaination of there is “no good or evil”, I am sorry is quite simply silly, and immature. No one here wants to hurt you Sarah, but, there will come a time that evil is going to camp outside your doorstep.

    Ask Ted Bundy if there was no evil. In his only interview after he was caught, he said that he was evil, and evil possessed him to kill the 26 college co-eds. You try to understand the mind of Ted Bundy Sarah. I don’t need to be inside his mind. Thankfully in this interview, he said it was best for him to meet his maker, and the state did just that.

    You are so very wrong Sarah. Sadly, I fear that you are going to be ill prepared for the day that evil finds you. I pray that you have something to fall upon when that day comes. – Lorica

  18. Wow, I never realized Hitler wasn’t evil until I just put myself in his shoes. The Final Solution was just a long-sought after answer to a difficult math problem, and completely unrelated to the systematic killing of “undesirables.” Not evil. Gotcha.

  19. So here’s a scenario that Sarah can jump on:

    1. The U.S. decides that Sarah is correct because after all, she is educated and open-minded unlike the rest of us, and completely shuts down the military. After all, there is no good and no evil, by using force we’re just perpetuating and endless cycle of violence.
    2. Weapons are completely banned. I’m assuming Sarah is all for this as they can only injure or kill. We only need to understand why crime takes place in order to prevent it.
    3. We announce to the world that we will no longer use military force to attack or defend ourselves. After all, in Sarah’s world, this doesn’t solve anything. There is no good or evil. If someone attacks us it’s because they had a reason to and we must understand it.

    After all this takes place Iran, not worrying about U.S. intervention, launches an attack on Israel. Israel fights valiantly, but terrorist attacks combined with a nuclear attack completely eliminate the state of Israel. It wasn’t an evil action, though, as Iran “had their reasons.” College courses spring up everywhere to “understand” why Iran had to kill off Israel.

    North Korea decides it’s time to move against South Korea. Artillery opens up all across the DMZ. Seoul is hit hard. Hundreds of thousands die. South Korea pleads for U.S. intervention but our response is, “I’m sorry, they do have a reason for what they’re doing. They don’t like your form of government. Don’t fight back, though, as that will only continue the cycle of killing.” South Korea, without any American assistance, falls under the boot of the North. While trying to “understand” why they had been attacked, millions more starve thanks to North Korean totalitarianism.

    Without warning, terrorists strike multiple cities in the U.S. Many Americans want to fight back, but, they have no weapons, no army, nothing. After all, fighting back would only continue the endless cycle of violence. Sarah and her friends join in a peaceful chant, embracing the cause of Islamofascism. They aren’t evil, you see, they just are misunderstood. The U.S. surrenders, becoming an Islamic state. The population is forced to either pay a tax to live, convert, or be killed. Meanwhile, all the open-minded universities suddenly have a severe course change. All of the classes that once existed to help make Sarah open-minded and educated are gone. Those college courses that once tried to “understand” Iran’s attack on Israel are gone.

    What a great world, huh?

  20. Objects appear different from where one stands. I would rather be cruxified than to be the one doing the crucifying. When what I consider “evil” comes a knocking on my door, he can come do what he wants. He can torture me, take my land, my record collection and all else I hold dear to my heart, but I know that he can never hurt my soul. Only I can hurt my soul. A sure fire way to do that is to use violence and force to make him conform to my beliefs, for that is no better than what he is doing. He can even make me wear a burka and threaten to kill me if I continue to state my opinions, but I will never stoop to his level and start terrorizing him for him to stop terrorizing me, for it’ll only make it worse. We’ll keep chasing our tails. I’ll fight him, he’ll fight me and before I know it my life will be over. And of course I’m ill-prepared for “evil”, I can’t fight and nor do I want to. I don’t own any guns. I could never hurt someone, which is why I don’t expect anyone to fight for me. Sanity said, “Pacifism only works if there are others who will take up the task of protecting them, otherwise pacifism is just submitting to getting yourself killed.” If I felt like protecting myself, I would enlist myself right this instant instead of sending others to do it for me. I don’t expect anyone to fight for my protection. I would gladly submit myself to die. This life isn’t so precious that I would risk my heart and soul protecting my skin and bones. I had a personal lose on 9/11, but I am not going to carry around this intense need for vengeance. There is nothing to avenge. I’ll be killing someone who in turn will have the desire to kill someone else in vengeance and so on. I’ll be creating a cycle that might never be broken but needs to be broken. If 9/11 taught me anything, it was forgiveness. Like I said a couple sentence ago, fighting for and protecting my life, my bones, really isn’t as improtant as protecting my soul.

  21. How come we can have nukes but other countries can’t? Israel has nukes, too. 200 of them. More than England. We aren’t even sure Iran has got them. They probably do, but I’m assuming since it takes a long time to create nuke fission, they probably don’t have more than 200. I’m sure if Iran attacks Israel, they’ll just throwdown a bomb, too, unless Iran completely kills them off first. There are Jews in Iran though so I don’t completely understand why they aren’t dealing with their own jews first, and Iranians don’t really like Arabs and most of them hated Saddam, so they are purty glad we killed him off. Then again we still haven’t gotten rid of our own terrorists, so of course Iran would do what America is doing, launch an attack against another country, when they’ve got those same people they are trying to demolish back in their own country. I’m not suggesting a plan for them. I don’t want them killing anyone in ther own country or Israel just as much as i don’t want us killing people. I’m just saying that what they are doing is just as crazy as what we are doing. A complete Catch-22. But seriously, how come we get to throw bombs in Japan and test them under our oceans, but other countries our forbidden? Well, shouldn’t they be worried we’d hurt them, just as we’re afraid they’d hurt us? And there are so many more countries with muslim terrorists than North Korea, Syria, and Iran. Why don’t we bomb them too. We bombed Somalia. We’re not even sure we hit the right targets, we just assume we got all those evil men. We definitely killed off all the good innocent people along with those evil men. Why don’t we just drop a gigantic nuke and kill off all the evil men in the world? Ooops that would be like the whole world. Me included of course, and all you guys, but of course then we wouldn’t have to worry about terrorists. They would be dead. Yay! Mission accomplished! I’m writing my senators right this instant! Why didn’t we just think of the big nuke in the first place?! I’ll be awarded so many medals for my brilliant military plan. And I’ll die in the process so I’ll definitely get a purple heart or something! Wo0t! My dreams are slowly coming true! Thank you for helping me realize this! I owe you all!

    Sarah, I think it’s time for you to take a little break from the blog. –ST

  22. Sarah wrote with great wisdom, “Objects appear different from where one stands.

    Yes – If I was an Islamofacist, if I was standing over a dead body with a box cutter in one hand while my cohort was flying me and 100 others into the World Trade Center because I thought America was the great Satan because of Hollywood, homosexuals and the freedom we have where you Sarah have the right to speak out and wear provocative clothing. If you wanted to fix it you needed (along with others here in America) to submit to Islam, where a Burka and put Hollywood out of business. Are you ready? Let’s do it. Just tell me one thing. When we are in the house together can you take the Burka off. I won’t mind !!

    Sarah doesn’t believe in protection by saying, “I would rather be cruxified than to be the one doing the crucifying.

    No. Not crucifying. It’s taking action to protect ourselves from people intent on killing millions (in their own words). The man in the bell tower shooting person after person wasn’t crucified. He was shot after he had picked off too many people. He had no justification. No amount of being in his shoes would’ve convinced anyone in their right mind that he was justified.

    You don’t negotiate with evil terrorists. You don’t understand them. Why Sarah? Because if you understand evil people it breeds more evil people. If rioters and rapists and murderers are given a voice and given what they really wanted all along (after we understood them), more people would see it as an option to get their grievances heard. Let’s say Osama put a 500 billion hole in our economy, killed 3,000 people, hurt the people who survived due to the environment being poisoned, left kids who will never see their mom or dad and we said to Osama, “Please tell us your grievances. We want to understand”. First Sarah, what do you think Osama would say? He has already talked. He has talked about Hollywood and homosexuals and the freedoms which allow us to choose other religions besides Islam. He has talked about wiping Israel off the face of the map. He has talked about us leaving Saudi Arabia. Let’s just say we said to Osama. OK. OK. We hear you and we understand. WE give you ALL that you want.

    OTHER crackpots and EVIL people in the world will see that as the avenue to get what they want. You can NOT negotiate with evil terrorists. You do not give them a voice. They are not to be understood. When evil rears it’s head conversation is OVER. The line has been crossed. To live in a world amongst others in peace you yourself need to be peaceful. Evil people do not do that. We do not have utopia Sarah no matter how many drugs you take.

    Sarah wrote blissfully, “When what I consider “evil” comes a knocking on my door, he can come do what he wants. He can torture me, take my land, my record collection and all else I hold dear to my heart, but I know that he can never hurt my soul. Only I can hurt my soul.

    A leader of a country is obligated to not submit the people and have then turn cheeks. He is obligated to protect. You yourself can CHOOSE to turn the other cheek and say these things but it is not holy, good or wise for anyone to take your advice. In order to help more people, the environment and keep people free from subjugation we are allowed to protect ourselves from evil. As for evil not existing. Everything exists. Black, white, dirt, soap, good, evil, poison, medicine, dark, light, sight, lack of sight, perspective, lack of perspective, negativity, optimism, clarity, moral relativism. To say something doesn’t exist just because you don’t want it to exist is to offer up moral relativism and lack of clarity. It hurts others to not protect them. It is evil to not offer protection. Babies under 12 months or even 3 years need people who are wise and have perspective to keep them free from harm. Those who cross the line and do harm need no understanding or voice.

    Sarah wrote, “,We’ll keep chasing our tails.

    You’d chase your tail even more rapidly if you started giving voices to evil people.

    Sarah wrote, “I’ll fight him, he’ll fight me and before I know it my life will be over.

    Remember the guy who shot 30 people on the New York subway. He could’ve shot 60 or more if nobody stood up and fought him. Yes. Before you know it your life would’ve been over with pacifism as the way of life. Evil unfettered leaves more and more carnage.

    Sarah wrote, “I don’t own any guns.” Yes. They outlawed guns in much of Europe before WW2. It was easy for the Germans to overtake the countries they took. More lives were lost and the war was prolonged because pacifists thought that guns should be banned. WW2 could’ve been over a lot quicker with only 1 million lives lost as opposed to the 50 million if people could’ve stopped the evil sooner. Responsible people who stand up to evil should be applauded and not attacked by the Sarah’s of the world. You should apologize and thank a vet. You should apologize and thank the Lord you live in a great nation where we are free, prosperous and able to keep ourselves from being hurt by evil people who want to hurt us everywhere. Remember to put down the drugs and learn clarity right !!

    Sarah without clarity wrote, “If I felt like protecting myself, I would enlist myself right this instant instead of sending others to do it for me.

    There have been others doing it all your life sweetie. Since you were born you were protected by parents, or other authoritative figures. You live in a nation that has a strong national security. There are plenty other places with almost anarchy where you could very well be subjugated to working in cocaine fields in Columbia ruled by evil drug lords. The fact that you have such lack of clarity is ok because you are protected from your stupidity in this country. You should stand up and thank everyone for contributing to your protection instead of acting like you aren’t protected and saying you would enlist.

    sarah wrote, “I don’t expect anyone to fight for my protection.

    But they are. It isn’t anarchy because we have rule of law and you have people being paid to protect and serve this very instant. I just heard a siren just now. They are doing their job. Do you know what happens when police are non-existent? Looting, rapes, murders skyrocket. Burglaries, robberies, etc.

    Sarah without convincing anyone here wrote, “If 9/11 taught me anything, it was forgiveness.

    You go on forgiving. You have that freedom because of your protection. But if as a nation we forgave and forgot and even went further and asked Osama what he wanted, it would be THE avenue for all other evil dictators and crackpots to get what they want. And as they got more and more and became stronger and stronger with more people under them and more natural resources and more wealth the good would perish and Sarah might realize the philosophy did nothing but let evil triumph. Free will to serve the lord would be replaced with death and carnage if you didn’t submit to Islam and live in poverty.

    Sleep well tonight in your nice bed with fairly good rule of law being kept all around you!! A lot of people can’t even do that in other countries that don’t have domestic and national security. Their daughters are being raped in front of them. THeir boys are being castrated and killed. The fathers who try to be brave and save anyone are being shot. Land is being pillaged and resources are being taken. There is no rule of law and you have the opposite. A nice place to sleep and feel well rested so that you can feel superior tomorrow and write so more muddied water moral relativism statments that don’t offer clarity. As you drift off to a nice sleep – don’t let the relative peace and tranquility provided for you make you think about how grateful you really should be. You might feel so good that you’d walk up to an armed police officer and thank him/her tomorrow. He’ll smile and say “Your welcome”. And you are – whether you believe one way or the other you are welcome to the protection offered to you no matter how thankful you are!!

  23. BTW Sarah, if you don’t see evil I do as I sit here and watch the Discovery Times channel’s documentary “Hamas”.

    Quite fascinating stuff. The protection that Israel has to work to provide themselves is a huge effort.

  24. Ignorance is amazing.

    How can you have debate or have a conversation with someone who cares nothing for their life?

    Stupid thing is, she has been protected whether she wants to or not, by our laws, by her parents, by her government, by the men and women in uniform, whether that uniform be police, firemen or soldier.

    Like talking to a brick wall and has about as much sense.

    Every time I read what she say, I shake my head and can’t help thinking she is somehow mentally disturbed in some way.

    I mean I understand how liberals think at times, and they can be a bit off the wall, sometimes a bit mental, but NEVER have I heard a liberal sound like this.

    If the democrat party was filled with such as her, I would be very scared, seriously.

  25. How can you have debate or have a conversation with someone who cares nothing for their life?

    Good question. It’s impossible. This is someone who sees no difference between the United States and North Korea or Iran and places zero value in her life.

  26. Sarah runs up the white flag: When what I consider “evil” comes a knocking on my door, he can come do what he wants. He can torture me, take my land, my record collection and all else I hold dear to my heart

    Well, that’s all peachy for you. Do you mind if the rest of us decide that our civilization actually is worth preserving? Think about some of the scenarios that can occur if we choose your way – the one Ryan outlined, for starters. Do you honestly think that if the West simply disarmed and greeted the islamofascists with flowers and smiles, that your freedoms would last for more than a few minutes? Throught your posts here, you profess to be worried about us wanting to put you liberals in some sort of concentration camp, yet now you say you’d gladly let the Islamists do it.

    So you don’t believe in such as thing as evil? First, thanks for dropping the Christian mask and revealing yourself as a simple anarchistic moral relativist. That explains a lot. Second, here’s a clue about evil people: I’d say anyone whose first reaction to anything that offends them is to start decapitations and homicide bombings qualifies. If you can’t get that small distinction through your head, then there’s really no point trying to discuss this with you any more. For someone who claims to be educated, you comprehend the realities of life in today’s world less than most small children.

    Fortunately, you remain free to have these thoughts, enjoy your records (banned by islamists, by the way), and even work to subvert the very institutions that guarantee your rights. That’s one awe-inspring quality of our system. It considers even those who would sabotage it from within – people like you – to be worth saving and defending. How sad that you’re too brainwashed to understand that.

  27. there are just times when peope don’t give one rat’s ass what you care or feel,

    Hey sanity, watch the personal physique references, OK? Thanks! :d

  28. The scary thing is Sarah is out there. She can have children and prosletize others into her loony, lemming way of thinking.

    Now, who still believes Liberalism is not a mental dieease?

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