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March 2008

Rev. Wright wrote the NYT a year ago to complain about their portrayal of him

Time’s Mark Halperin obtained a copy of a letter Obama’s “former pastor” Jeremiah Wright wrote to NYT reporter Jodi Kantor last March complaining about how she “misrepresented” in an article she wrote about him shortly after she interviewed him for a piece she was doing on Barack Obama. Some excerpts (via Scott Johnson):.....   [Read More]

Davidson Wildcats lose chance to go to the Final Four

Stephen Curry and the gang at Davidson played their behinds off tonight against #1 Kansas, proving that just because you’re ranked #10 doesn’t mean you have to play like a #10 team. In the end, though, as the last 16 seconds of the game winded down with Davidson in possession, the last second shot didn’t go through, and the Jayhawks won 59-57, and will go on to play Carolina in the Final Four......   [Read More]