It’s just over four hours til midnight … (TUES OPEN THREAD)

… here on the east coast. Do you have your taxes done yet? No?

Maybe it’s time for a drink to get you through the evening. I understand this lady might have a few recommendations for ya:


Need a little humor to get you through the evening? Ed Morrisey’s got it covered. Or, you could watch this gotcha video of YAF’s Jason Mattera asking big government Senator-for-life Ted Kennedy how he and his family continue to successfully avoide paying estate taxes even though the Senator himself has been a defender of the tax for years.

Come to think of it, that isn’t humorous – it’s infuriating (much like his hypocrisy regarding the environment). Sounds suspiciously similar to another couple of failed Democrat contenders for president.

Grrr …

VIDEO: Rep. Sue Myrick honors retired wrestler Ric Flair on House floor

Flair, known as “The Nature Boy” in wrestling circles, retired two weeks ago from the world of professional wrestling after a career that spanned nearly four decades. He wasn’t born in North Carolina but has lived in Charlotte for most of his life, and had a huge fan following.

He’s also a constituent of staunch conservative Congresswoman Sue Myrick, who represents NC’s 9th district. I used to be in her district, too, until the district, sadly, was gerrymandered so that the race-baiting Mel Watt (D-12th district) could continue to get elected to Congress. Anyway, Myrick honored Flair today on the House floor. Here’s video of what she said (via FamousDC):

Charlotte’s neighbors at the Gaston Gazette have the transcript of her remarks:

Thank you Mr. Speaker

I would like to honor the career of a man whom I am proud to call both a constituent and a friend.

Ric Flair’s professional wrestling career of 36 years, in which he entertained millions of people around the world, recently came to a close.

He will forever be known as an innovator, a pioneer, and perhaps the greatest that his industry has ever seen. By any standard, Ric Flair is a living legend.

His name is recognized all over the world, but he calls Charlotte, NC home.

On his way to being named a record 16-time world champion, Flair became famous for his bleached blond hair, designer suits, and charismatic on-stage persona, while dishing out his trademark chops-and of course, the dreaded Figure Four Leglock.

On March 29, 2008, Ric Flair became the first active wrestler to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Often imitated, but never duplicated, Ric Flair’s legacy will forever be synonymous with the world of professional wrestling.

A fixture at Carolina Hurricanes and Panthers games in my home state, the joy and emotion Ric Flair’s very presence evokes will certainly continue on for a very, very long time.

Today I honor the outstanding career of the “Nature Boy”-and congratulate Charlotte’s favorite son-Ric Flair.


Yes, she actually said “Whoooo” much in the way Flair would have.

Needless to say, this will probably endear her to many of her constituents for life ;)

Senate Democrats have trouble with numbers

I don’t know whether to laugh, scream, cry and/or all of the above after seeing this (h/t: Jon Henke). The only thing I can add to Duane Patterson’s commentary about how two Senate leaders asserted over a month ago a higher Republican filibuster number and are now asserting that it’s lower is that I’m sure Hillary Clinton wishes that’s how people would count Barack Obama’s superdelegates.

Oh, and make sure to check out this audio link to a statement Majority Leader Reid made on the Senate floor yesterday about how visitors to the Capitol in the summertime “smell.” I don’t know the context of the remarks, but on the heels of Barack Obama’s “bitter” comments, they sure don’t help Democrats in their attempts to appeal to the “common man” any.

What really smells, Mr. Reid? Oh, where do I start? :-?

More on Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas “leader”

A few days ago, I blogged about the disgraceful Jimmy Carter’s plans to meet with Hamas “leader” Khaled Meshal, in spite of the condemnations of many in Washington, DC. Senators Clinton and Obama issued tepid statements indicating they merely “disagreed” with Carter. Obama even went so far refused to criticize Carter, stating that it was not his place to do so.

If you can stomach it, Flopping Aces has an update to this story, including pictures from Carter’s visit.

Is it safe to say that we can now officially declare Jimmy Carter, who recently admitted he’d been meeting with Hamas “leaders” for years, one of the Islamofascism’s most useful idiots?

In semi-related news, did you know that a campaign bundler for Barack Obama is a supporter Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and is also the co-founder of the military-despising, pro-insurgency in Iraq group Code Pink? Thanks to Melanie Morgan and Catherine Moy, now we know. Read more via Warner Todd Huston at Newsbusters.

Are you bitter? Vote now!

With the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s comments about “bitter” Pennsylvanians he made to a m/billionaire shindig a couple of Sundays ago still getting major play in both the blogosphere and media, the LA Times Top of the Ticket blog is conducting a poll to determine how many people out there are bitter versus those who aren’t. Here are the options:

Yes. I’ll show you bitter when I vote.
Yes, but it isn’t any politician’s fault.
No. Actually, I feel pretty good.

Make sure to pass the link along to family and friends who may want to vote, also.

SnObamaThe O-man continues to feel the heat today on the issue, from conservative writers like George Will and John Fund. Even the liberal Huffington Post is getting in on the act of criticizing The Chosen One as it relates to another issue, and that is BO’s accusations against Hillary Clinton of supposedly using the “GOP playbook” against him. HuffPo believes Obama himself is using the “playbook” thanks to none other than …. Karl Rove. The HP makes up for their Obama criticism with this defense of his “bitter” remarks, missing the point behind the backlash – as usual.

I have to wonder, what with the uproar over this, his “former pastor” Jeremiah Wright, and NAFTAGate – all three issues of which are problems for Obama that have not gone away, that the mediots and pundits continue to write about – are we finally starting to see a chink in Obama’s armor?

Hey, buddy, save some of that popcorn for me