Jimmy Carter: A disgraceful American

I have documented on numerous occasions at this blog the shameful way former president Jimmy Carter goes about underming the war on terror, primarily because he hates the President, but also because he supports the Palestinians in their ‘fight’ against Israel.

Carter and ArafatCarter, who won a Nobel Peace prize in part due to the failed Carter/Clinton ‘US-North Korea ‘Agreed Framework’, is so well known for taking anti-Israel stances that the UN once considered the possiblity of asking him to head up a UN investigation of Israel’s “aggression” towards the Palestinians. He’s also accused British Prime Minister Tony Blair of being ‘subservient’ to the President in the WOT, sided with – shall we say opposition forces – against the US and Israel, tried to turn the tables against the US at the UN while at the same time questioning whether or not the President was a true Christian, actually believes that Hamas ‘wants peace’ with Israel, slammed the President – while he was in attendance – at Coretta Scott King’s funeral, has a hard time calling Hamas a “terrorist organization”, thinks our Gitmo policy is “disgraceful”, and has lied at least twice on issues related to that US-North Korea ‘Agreed Framework’ I mentioned earlier, a ‘deal’ that Carter and Clinton both stupidly believed would make North Korea a more peaceful country.

The latest news on Carter is that 14 Carter Center members resigned after becoming disgusted with gross factual and historial distortions found in his book Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid. I’m trying to figure out why it took so long for them to figure out that Carter is notorious for factual inaccuracies, not only as it relates to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians – and US involvement, but also North Korea. Oh well, better late than never. One former Carter Center member recently stated that Carter ‘condoned’ Palestinian terrorism, and it’s easy to understand how he came to that conclusion, considering his history of defending Pali terror.

Carter also recently appeared on Al Jazeera, and declared that he doesn’t equate Palestinian missiles with terrorism.

Jimmy Carter was a lousy president, and he’s been an even worse ‘diplomat.’ He should stick to promoting Habitat for Humanity, instead of constantly coddling terrorist organizations and trying to undermine US foreign policy at every turn. Everytime I hear someone call Jimmy Carter a “statesman” I want to gag. Gerald Ford was a statesman. Jimmy Carter most certainly is not. He’s a disgraceful American, and no amount of houses he helps build will ever change that.

Update I: Sigh.

I think this fits here perfectly:

Update II: Apparently the video was pulled :-\ It was the famous line Reagan used on Carter in one of their debates: “There you go again.”

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