Kerry, other Democrats criticize McCain for using Petraeus image in email solicitation

Man, isn’t this rich:

On the heels of a directive to soldiers from America’s top military official to stay out of politics, Senator John McCain acknowledged that his use of Gen. David H. Petraeus’s picture in a fund-raising pitch was not appropriate.

“It won’t happen again” he vowed at a news conference this afternoon.

This morning, the Obama camp dispatched a statement from Senator John Kerry criticizing Mr. McCain’s use of a photo of the top commander in Iraq in a fund-raising pitch that went out to supporters via e-mail on Thursday.

“It’s deeply disappointing that Sen. McCain is using a picture of General Petraeus in uniform to raise money and launch negative attacks” Mr. Kerry said in the statement.

Funny how Kerry’s so selective on who he chooses to condemn on using Petraeus’ image to supposedly launch negative attacks, especially considering the fact that when it came time to voting in the Senate to express support for Petraeus and condemn the disgraceful ad ran in the NYT that called Gen. Petraeus’ “General BetrayUs,” Kerry voted against condeming it. Senator Barack Obama, conveniently, didn’t vote one way or the other. He was probably out taking care of much bigger priorities like, you know, campaigning for president.

So McCain has conceded and called the use of the image inappropriate. Whatever. Does this concession mean that the DNC will stop using images of troops on the pages of their website as well – images they thought were our troops but weren’t?

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Kerry, would someone be generous enough to buy this guy a week’s worth of clues? On the same day (after a go around between the McCain camp and the Obama camp on troop surge levels) he accused McCain of being “out of step with history and facts,” and suggested that recent McCain “mistakes” on Iraq raise “serious questions about his comprehension of this challenge,” Kerry also stated that on September 11, we were “basically at peace.”

We were?

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