Who needs 300+ foreign policy advisors when you’ve got George Clooney?

Obama on the cover of Rolling StoneWell, last month we found out that the man who for the last two years has claimed experience doesn’t matter has some 300+ foreign policy advisors on hand to give him some advice/insight into important international matters – this in addition to the fact that last year he cited the four years he lived overseas as a child to be sufficient enough experience on the foreign relations front, and also in addition to the fact that earlier this year he assured us all that his VP pick would be “somebody who knows about a bunch of stuff that I’m not as expert on.”

If all that doesn’t ease your concerns about Barack Obama’s serious lack of credentials on the foreign policy front, then I have no doubt that this will take care of any lingering doubts (h/t: ST reader NC Cop):

George Clooney once famously declared he could never run for public office because he’d ‘slept with too many women, done too many drugs and been to too many parties’.

But now the Hollywood heart-throb has entered the political arena at the highest level – by becoming an unofficial adviser to US Presidential front-runner Barack Obama.

Oscar-winner Clooney, 47, is said to be helping the Democratic candidate to polish his image at home and abroad.

But he is also sharing with Obama his strong opinions on Iraq and the Middle East.

Sources say the actor has tried to hide the pair’s friendship for fear his Left-wing views and playboy image would hurt the Presidential hopeful’s bid for the White House.

But Democratic Party insiders have revealed that Clooney and Obama regularly send texts and emails to each other and speak by phone at least twice a week.

One said last night: ‘They are extremely close. A number of members of the Hollywood community, including Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, offered to help raise funds for Barack but it was with George that he struck up this amazing affinity.

‘George has been giving him advice on things such as presentation, public speaking and body language and he also emails him constantly about policy, especially the Middle East.

‘George is pushing him to be more “balanced” on issues such as US relations with Israel.

‘George is pro-Palestinian. And he is also urging Barack to withdraw unconditionally from Iraq if he wins.

‘It’s a very risky relationship. His hope of becoming America’s first black President depends heavily on winning over conservative voters and it would be suicidal for him to be perceived as a tool of a Hollywood Leftie, which is how they regard George.

‘But they text and email each other almost every day and speak on the phone at least a couple of times a week, often more.’

The Ocean’s Eleven star is among many Hollywood figures to have endorsed Obama, including Barbra Streisand, Scarlett Johansson, Warren Beatty and Steven Spielberg.

One of Clooney’s trusted acquaintances said: ‘George is a master at crafting his own image and he is helping Obama to hone his image both domestically and abroad.

Hey, Senator Obama: Next time you send Georgie Boy an email, make sure to ask him what’s the best way to treat people who disagree with you politically.    Let us know what he says.

Oh wait - we know already (scroll). 

Next thing you know, an attractive, Oscar-winning Hollywood actress will salivate, “I’ll do whatever he says to do. I’ll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.”

Oh wait- – that’s already been said.

It’s no small wonder the McCain campaign have hit out at Obama with the “racist” Celeb ad, and the new “Fan Club” ad – not only does Obama act like a celebrity sometimes, but his celeb pals treat him as such.  I’m sure part of it is due to his famed oratorical skills, but I’m betting part of it has to do with the fact that he does such a good job at acting like he’s already president.  Considering the IQs of some of the celebs in question, it wouldn’t surprise me if they believed he had already been elected president.   Heck, why not? He thinks he has been.

“Huh? Wha? We don’t need no steenking ‘lection!”  8-}

Update: LOL!

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