AZ Gov. Jan Brewer: The boldest politico in America (VIDEO)

While others – like our celebrity President, the lamestream media, juvenile sports teams, and moronic “hunger strikers” at UC Berkeley – laugh, mock, lie, and demagogue the state of Arizona over their attempts at protecting their state from violent illegal immigrant crime, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer continues to make her case and stand firm against all hostile incoming “fire.” In the below campaign video, Brewer takes on a “joke” the President told about Arizona at the WH Correspondents’ Association dinner last weekend. Her response? Mr. President, no one is laughing (via HotAirPundit):

In light of the intense criticism she’s received, primarily from opportunistic race-hustlers and those whose pandering approach to the border issue is to see, hear, and speak no evil, bravo to this brave woman for not backing down in defense of her state trying to take the lead in protecting innocent people from illegal immigrant drug cartels and smuggling rings. Arizona has simply decided that if the feds won’t act, the state will. And they’ve got a lot of support behind them.

And speaking of support, if you’d like to do your part in demonstrating your support of Arizona’s new immigration law, click here to read about an upcoming end of May rally in Phoenix, as well as to learn how you, as a consumer, can join in on the Arizona “BUYcott.”

Loved this line from Exurban Jon in response to Obama’s inaction and Brewer’s action:

Never ask a man to do a woman’s job.


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