Oh please, please sue someone, Joe!

Preach it, Lorie Byrd!

I wish that Wilson would sue someone, or that someone would sue him. Now that is a trial I would watch from start to finish. We would get to hear about all the times Joe Wilson talked about his super double secret undercover covert operative agent spy wife and maybe even all the different stories he told about the various issues involved with his trip to Niger. It would be a civil suit so we would not have the “beyond a reasonable doubt” threshold, but the “preponderance of evidence.” How hard could it be to show that Wilson is the liar? If two bipartisan commissions have already issued reports that presented evidence showing he lied, I am sure a fair jury could reach that decision. Of course, if a trial did reveal Wilson as a liar, it would probably get just about as much coverage as the MSM has given to the 9/11 commission report and the Senate intelligence committee report that did the same thing.

Amen. Wouldn’t it be great to see his pompous, lying behind on the stand?

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