Fanatical Islamists wage war on the Internet over cartoons

Michelle Malkin blogs today about her blog recently being hit by what she describes as a “large, foreign-based denial of service attack.” She goes on to write even more disturbing news about a concerted effort from Islamic hackers to hack into and take over websites that have published the offending cartoons, and also includes a sampling of the threatening emails she has received.

Consider it a must-read. It goes without saying that what’s happening here is disturbing and scary. The fanatics are trying to intimidate from the streets and on the web as well.

A couple of days ago here I had a really hard time accessing my admin controls for most of the day. Makes me wonder …..

As a sidenote, I wonder if Antonia ‘there’s hate behind the right wing offending cartoons blogburst’ Zerbisias will be reporting on this anytime soon?

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