We’re with you, Michelle

Looks like the fanatical Islamists have stepped up their attacks on Michelle Malkin’s blog as it’s been down most of the morning. Her brief post about it on her website is here. More here from Michelle via PajamasMedia.com:

After receiving several threats and experiencing one denial of service attack upon appearing on Fox News Channel to display the Mohammed Cartoons, my site went down again this morning at approx. 9am EST and remains down.

My last post on the cyberjihad is cached here.

I’ll be posting here at Pajamas Media until my blog is up and running again.

UPDATE. It’s a confirmed DoS attack, with most of the IP addresses from turktelecom.

Stay strong, Michelle – and keep up the good fight.

Update: La Shawn Barber writes:

When people have no argument, no leg to stand on, and severely limited reasoning ability, the impulse is to attack personally and peripherally. I’ve been and will continue to be the target of similar irrational impulses. Dissenters and haters won’t silence Michelle, they won’t silence me, and I hope you don’t let them silence you!


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