Sen. Russ Feingold demagogues NSA surveillance ‘scandal’

I know, it’s not exactly news that a Democratic Senator would demagogue the NSA surveillance ‘scandal’ but a new ad put out by Sen. Russ Feingold’s Leadership PAC takes the absurdity to new heights:

Advisor: So Mr. President, how’s our commander in chief feeling these days?
President (off-screen): Yeah, I’m fine, fine.
Advisor: Oh, you’re a lot better than fine. The war’s over like you said. Missions accomplished Georgie baby.
President (off screen): Huh?
Advisor: I’m sorry, that probably doesn’t seem appropriate for the king of the United States. Yes I said “King.” Think about it. You don’t have to settle for just being President GW. The war still got everyone running scared. They’ll go along with whatever you say. Forget the rules and quit treating the Constitution like it’s set in stone. For starters, we should be eavesdropping on anybody who has the nerve to disagree with you – court order or not.
President (off screen): What?
Advisor: It’s not domestic spying George. It’s terrorist surveillance.
President (revealed as George Washington): Break the law? Ignore the Constitution? What you propose goes against the very things we stand for. As President of these United States, I would never condone that.
Feingold (voiceover): Our country hasn’t stood for this kind of abuse of power for over two hundred years. Let’s not stand for it now. Support the Progressive Patriots. We can fight the terrorists without breaking the law or sacrificing our freedoms.

Make sure to read FactCheck’s analysis of the ad for a ‘play by play’ of the ad itself and what it *falsely* implies.

Guess he couldn’t drum up enough support from his colleagues in the Senate on the call for censure so now he’s taking the demagoguery to his constituency.

I’ve had friends, some of whom are Republicans, tell me that Sen. Feingold is one of those rare Congressmen who stands on principle on the issues he brings before the Congress and his constituency. I respectfully submit this post to them (and anyone else who believes that) as an example of just the opposite.

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