NM Gov. Bill Richardson asks Joe Lieberman to “step aside”

Yet another prominent Democrat this week is coalescing around party darling and far left choice for Senate Ned Lamont: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Via CNN:

(CNN) — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson became the first prominent national Democrat to call on Sen. Joe Lieberman to drop his independent bid for re-election in Connecticut.

Richardson, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and a possible 2008 White House contender, called Lieberman “a good friend of mine” and a “true public servant.”

But he said in a statement Thursday that he was backing Ned Lamont, the man who defeated Lieberman in this week’s Democratic primary.

“I look forward to supporting Ned as he fights to help Democrats take back the Senate, and I call on Joe Lieberman to respect the will of the voters and step aside,” Richardson said.

Surely that’s a misquote? I’m thinking he meant to say “respect the will of the Nutrootians.”

By the way, did you know the Nutrootians actually have their own city? Tina Turner was before her time because she actually wrote a song about it:

Nutroots City Limits

Ok, so the song was called Nutbush City Limits, but you know what I mean :D

Speaking of Nutroots city limits, ST reader Dana R. Pico is blogging about some of its citizens, and notes how far out of touch those in positions of leadership (like the one he calls a “Lost Kos”) in Nutroots truly are.

Update: Check out this quote from Lamont in an interview he did with the NYT (emphasis added):

Mr. Lamont hesitated when he was asked if Mr. Lieberman’s criticisms were beyond the bounds of acceptable political combat.

“To try to score political points on every international issues…” Mr. Lamont said, before pausing and stopping himself. Then he added, “Why do I have to say anything?”

Indeed, why? When his proxies can do it for him so well?

Hat tip: Tom Maguire

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