Race-baiting liberal at the Detroit News blog accuses me of racism

It seems that my post from Monday in which I discussed my displeasure at the thought of Reps Rangel and Conyers being elevated to even higher positions of power and influence in DC if Democrats take control of the House this year rubbed some people the wrong way and in response led to accusations of racism (surprise). Libby Spencer at the Detroit News blog wrote this today:

The thought of a black man holding the President accountable for his actions, has the White Republicans in a tizzy. I mean, Bush might have to explain why he lied to get us into Iraq, and you know how those uppity folks of color are. They’ll want rich people to pay their fair share of taxes and they might even try to “boost opportunities” for women and racial minorities in government contracts and high-level jobs.” Oh the humanity. It’s apparently more than priviledged white Republicans can stand.

I wrote this in response – not sure if it will show up there but I wanted to post it here as well:

Your mischaracterization of my comments, and the comments expressed by John Hood at NRO’s the Corner speaks volumes. My objection to Conyers and Rangel being promoted to the positions discussed in the referenced Det. News article has nothing to do with the fact that they are black and everything to do with the fact that they are dishonest, hypocritical, race-baiting hypocrites.

Maybe the next time you go around falsely accusing people of racism simply because the people they don’t want to see elevated to positions of power happen to be black, you’ll do well to remember that those same *white* people strongly object to the idea of the *white* Rep. Nancy Pelosi being the House Majority Leader. Can’t blame that one on race, though, can you?

When all else fails, you guys always fall back on the race card, don’t you?

I didn’t know if the Det. News blog accepts links posted in their comments section, so for purposes of clarity, the below links to prior posts on the topic of race-baiting, Bush-hating Democrats, as well as my thoughts on the idea of having Nancy Pelosi as House Majority leader, should be useful – I hope – to those who insist on setting up strawmen rather than attack the substance of what I said directly:

On Pelosi:

On Conyers:

On Rangel:

On race-baiting Democrats in general:

PM Update: Thank you, Henry Payne. (Hat tip: Jon Ham)

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