The war on Path to 9-11: Yet one more example of the left’s warped priorities

The latest news on the left’s all out assault on P2911 is that they are planning to launch a full scale PR war against ABC and Disney for deciding to air the film. The starting date? September 12th. My first thought was: why not go ahead and start it on the 11th? Afraid you’ll look ‘insenstive’, far lefties? Don’t bother with the worrying. You already look like insensitive, whiny, stupid jerks who don’t give a damn about the First Amendment right here at the anniversary of the attack that was the catalyst on launching a full-scale war on terror, a war that strives to not only root out the bad guys but also to advance the concept of democracy and a free society, something the far left has proven these last few days they don’t give a damn about, simply because they’re beside themselves with fury because a docudrama about 9-11 apparently paints their boy wonder Bubba and the rest of his adminstration in a bad light. Clinton’s bogus legacy must be preseved at any cost. This is very similar too the far left wanting the US to surrender in Iraq and come home, so the President can suffer a big defeat. America losing face in the world over a surrender means nothing to them, and the far left thinks it’s worth America losing face if it means Bush goes down. Priorities, you know.

Something else about all the hoopla and drama surrounding P2911 that I don’t think has gotten much of a mention is this: the left has never shown any outrage over the fact that Clinton indeed did have opportunities to get OBL, but didn’t take them (as documented here); they’re just upset that those missed opportunities are being preserved for the record on film. Clinton himself admitted that his admin had at least one opportunity to get Binnie but didn’t take it. The left, again, doesn’t care about that. They just care that his incompetency is going to be portrayed for what it is on television for millions of Americans to see. Talk about warped priorities.

A big part of this campaign has not just been to have the movie revised and/or pulled, but to create such a wave of outcry ao as to make those who will be watching the movie tonight have doubts as to whether or not Clinton did indeed let OBL get away. The spin about this docudrama being written by a ‘right winger’ should be muted by the fact that the executive producer is a Clinton (and other Democrats) supporter, but Howard Dean and the other far left moonbats haven’t mentioned that part of the behind the scenes equation. Then again, the far left have never let the facts stand in the way of a good ol’ fashioned rant, have they?

And guess what? The left’s campaign to destroy this movie in its original form is apparently working.

Update I: Here’s a reminder to the idiotic wing of the Democratic party, who keep insisting that what is happening here is no different than what happened over the Reagan movie that upset so many conservatives. Leave it to the idiots to be ignorant as to the differences: mainly, the fact that there were no threats issued to CBS by the Republican party to suspend CBS’ broadcast license, and conservatives didn’t sic any lawyers on CBS trying to have the series pulled. Understand now?

Update II: Ann Althouse slams the lefty bloggers who want to help encourage lawsuits, and furthermore help compile ‘evidence’ for those who want to file lawsuits for the movie:

Oh, yeah, bloggers really ought to want to encourage lawsuits by public figures who think something inaccurate has been said about them. This is the worst case of myopia I’ve seen in my years of blogging. You guys are complete idiots.

Hat tip: Tigerhawk


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