Foleygate: The Democrats’ October surprise?

The fallout from Foleygate continues, with House Speaker Denny Hastert calling for a Justice Department investigation (as well as a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation) into the electronic communications between Rep. Mark Foley and House pages, and various liberals (as well as their cohorts in the MSM) trying to insinuate that there was a cover-up in the House regarding Foley’s behavior for several years.

While I’m glad Foley’s resigned as it’s very clear there was some highly inappropriate behavior going on between him and at least one page (and possibly more), there are other questions on this issue that pertain to more than just what he said and who he said it to – mainly, the question of the timing and who leaked the info. Was it leaked now for political purposes? It certainly sounds like it. Macsmind and Flopping Aces have two must-read posts up on this story today, that call into question not just the timing, but also the authenticity of at least one of the emails in question.

Pajamas Media has a lengthy link roundup of stories related to the resignation of Rep. Foley.

Update I: The race is on to replace Foley in Florida’s 16th Congressional district.

Update II: UGH.

Update III: Macsmind is still all over this story and is smelling a setup.

Update IV: Dafydd at Big Lizards is on the same page as Mac, and is flaming mad.

Update V: Check out the following video clips from Hot Air: 1) Of Hastert claiming that the House didn’t know anything about the explicit IMs and asking who knew about them and 2) WH Press Sec. Tony Snow having to clarify remarks the liberal blog Think Progress reported him as saying about the Foley scandal.

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