Far left icon Bill Maher “out”does himself this time

Bill Maher: Jerk ExtraordinaireFirst, he dressed up in a disgraceful Halloween costume that mocked the death of well-respected Aussie wildlife lover Steve Irwin. Now he’s “outing” Ken Mehlman by alleging that the soon-to-be former RNC Chairman is gay. Predictably, the Nutroot contingent in the blogosphere are boiling mad that CNN edited out Maher’s comments about Mehlman in re-runs of the initial Larry King Show broadcast (which is shown in the Political Pit Bull link).


What is with the left when it comes to “outing” allegedly gay Republicans? For people who claim Republicans are so obsessed with the sex lives of others, this little game of guessing who is supposedly gay in the Republican party has become quite popular amongst the Nutroots crowd.

I wrote the following in my post about the “outing” of the supposedly gay Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) a few weeks ago and I think it’s worth posting again this evening:

[…] If you’ve ever talked to a gay person about the issue of “coming out” they’ll tell you (at least this has been what I’ve been told in my conversations with gay friends)) that deciding on whether or not to come out is an intensely personal, sometimes agonizing decision to make – and the announcement should come from them. It’s theirs and theirs alone to make. Not anyone else’s. Coming out is, to put it simply, a private matter between the person coming out and their family and friends.

Several years ago, a friend of mine who I’d known since I was in elementary school came out to me. I told that friend that his coming out did not change how I felt about him as a friend. In the midst of our conversation, he mentioned that he’d been to a club recently and bumped into someone we both knew from junior and senior high school who was also gay. Out of curiosity, I asked him “who was it?” His response to me essentially was that it wasn’t his place to say, that he didn’t know if our mutal friend had told his family and friends yet that he was gay, and that the announcement that he was gay would have to come from him directly. I respected that, and later found out that what my friend said about the need for gay people who come out to make the announcement themselves was pretty consistent with I’d heard and read about the issue. Someone else coming out for a gay person can have seriously disastrous consequences if the gay person was not ready to be outed yet.

There’s no way Maher, who I’m sure is “in touch” with the Hollywood crowd, which if full of gay artists, doesn’t know this, which is what makes the stunts he and other far lefties try to pull with Republicans who are supposedly gay that much more despicable. None of which is surprising, though, considering the rabid hounds have been let loose and it’s open season on Republicans (gay or not) by the same crowd who believes the American people should be able to “unite again” under the new Dem “leadership.”


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