Will they “take to the streets”?

Last month I blogged about how some far lefties over at the HuffPo were thinking that Karl Rove was just a little too optimistic about the elections, which caused them to cook up conspiracy theories that Rove and Co. might have been involved in some shady behind the scenes pre-election rigging, like making sure Diebold ‘had it in the bag’ for Republicans. If the left didn’t win at the elections, the lefties at the HuffPo were pledging to “take to the streets.”

Well, as we now know, Republicans lost big time last Tuesday and as a result of that, the usual cries of “stolen elections” were no where to be found.

Or so I thought.

Michelle Malkin’s got the details on the outrage and activism being stirred up at the Daily Kos over Florida’s 13th district race, which they claim was “stolen” by Diebold for the Republican. They’re calling for a fund raising drive to fight Diebold. Only problem is, as Malkin points out, the machines in Florida’s 13th district weren’t Diebold machines: they were ES&S machines. No matter, sayeth the Kossites. The election was STOLEN because the Democrat didn’t win, and the “fight” rages on. One wonders if they will take to the streets …

You simply cannot parody these people. Heck, you don’t even need to.

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