John Edwards blames $400 haircuts on others

What a classy guy. Not.

My comment at Hot Air was this (slightly modified to add a point I didn’t in my original comment):

What an idiot. That he ‘wasn’t aware’ of the arrangements made for his haircuts tell us all we need to know about what he’d do in office if caught doing something stupid:

“Somebody else arranged it …”

I personally think if John Edwards is so concerned about the poor he should take each one of them out and get them a $400 hair cut in order to boost their self esteem. Hey, it might even help land ’em a nice job. Where’s your compassion, Senator?

Brian at Iowa Voice is on a similar wavelength:

And this guy expects people to take him seriously when he talks about “two Americas” and his concern about the poor? Pfft.

Anyone else notice the demonstration of a closely held Democrat belief here? Apparently, not only are the unwashed masses incapable of making everyday decisions for themselves, so is a rich guy like Edwards. Which just goes to show you that if this country would just vote in Democrat Presidents and Democrat supermajorities, then we ALL could have $400 haircuts and luxury spa treatments!

Heck, and “free” wireless, if the mayor of San Francisco had his way about it. And maybe even a “free” Ipod, too!

The possibilities are endless :-?

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