Topless protesters aka “Breasts Not Bombs” invade Hillary gathering

There are tons of high resolution pix here, and it takes a few minutes to load – even for those of us with ‘fast connect’ – but it’s worth it for Zombie’s commentary … view the pix and video at your own risk. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! LOL …

The Hillary Clinton for President Campaign celebrated the opening of its new San Francisco headquarters with a launch party that coincided with the Democratic presidential debate on July 23, 2007. The radical activist groups Breasts Not Bombs and Code Pink heard about the event and decided it would be a good opportunity to stage a surprise topless protest to publicize their anti-war message.

How much you wanna bet this was one campaign stop Bill Clinton wished he had attended? :P

On to more serious matters, the gloves are off between La Clinton and Senator Obama over the comments he made last night at the debate about being willing to meet unconditionally with the world’s most cruel and dictatorial-esque ‘leaders.’ Click here for what’s been said so far, and go here for the reax from the blogosphere.

I hate to say it, but Hillary’s coming out smelling like a rose on this one, and a harsh light is shining brightly on Obama’s youth and inexperience, and rose-colored view of diplomacy. I expect Clinton’s already comfortable poll numbers to rise.

“I’ll get the last laugh, Barack. I always do.”


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