Pajamas Media: How TNR got “suckered” by Scott Thomas Beauchamp

Pajamas Media’s Richard Miniter writes an in-depth report that takes a look at how The New Republic, in their words, got ‘suckered’ by Scott Thomas – their ‘military blogger’ – aka Scott Thomas Beauchamp. The teaser (emphasis added):

Miniter spoke with several people involved in the extraordinary story, including the whistle-blower and a German woman who was Beauchamp’s fiancée until just before he married, of all people, Miniter discovered, a fact-checker at The New Republic. That fiancée said of her former boyfriend, the soldier/reporter: “He hates the army. The only reason he joined was because he wanted to have more experience to write about.”

It’s really a fascinating, well-soureced read, and not only talks about TNR’s gullibility, but also the kind of person Beauchamp is.

Tigerhawk isn’t mincing any words when it comes to both TNR and Beauchamp – and the people who are most interested in wanting to believe the worst about our military:

What motivates an American to join his own country’s army for the purpose of defaming it? Why did a once great magazine eagerly chase stories that represent our soldiers as debased?

The sad answer to both questions is that there is a large audience eager for this version of “the truth.”

Self-loathing Americans disgust me.

I find it very telling that those self-loathing Americans (who we all know are the shameless Nutroots) would implicity trust what TNR publishes, considering their major crediblity issues, trusts the liberal media in spite of the many admissions and discoveries of liberal bias in supposedly mainstream, objective reporting, yet sneers at Fox News for their perceived credibility issues and conservative bias.

It’s all in what you ‘want’ to believe for this crowd, and the truth be damned.

PM Update: Make sure to check out Randall Hoven’s Media Hall of Shame list – the first one is here, and additions are posted here.


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