Several more reasons not to trust the MSM (MORE: MSNBC NEWSROOM BOOED PREZ’S 2003 SOTU)

Remember “Green Helmet Guy,” the Lebanese civilian defense worker who we saw in multiple AP photographs after various alleged Israeli attacks on Lebanon staging photographs of dead children for photographers? Well it would appear that another media outlet, the AFP, has their own little propaganda spreader, as Rocco DiPippo at the Autonomist blog reports here. The post is pretty comprehensive, and it doesn’t do justice to it to link up to parts here. Make sure to check out that first picture, and the commentary below it. Gateway Pundit has more.

Is the AFP that stupid that they don’t know what a bullet that has been fired and hits something looks like? Heck, I know next to nothing about guns, but I do know that. Or, could it have been deliberate, as Bob Owens suspects:

The picture seems to show common commercial 55-grain civilian ball ammunition patterned after the Vietnam-era M193. With this in mind, I’d state that this ammunition wasn’t even dropped by American forces, as they don’t carry such ammunition.

This isn’t just a a photo that just shows ignorance. It appears to show a willful deception using civilian ammunition.

AFP, you’ve got some serious explaining to do.


Did you hear about the Seattle Times staff meeting which saw a few cheers over the news that Karl Rove was resigning?:

No matter what you think of Karl Rove — or anyone else in politics — please keep it to yourself, or at least falrly quiet. That was the message in a note sent to staffers at the Seattle Times by Executive Editor Dave Boardman after what he called “an awkward moment at yesterday’s news meeting.”

What happened? According to Boardman in the latest email installment of what he calls “Dave’s Raves” it was this: “When word came in of Karl Rove’s resignation, several people in the meeting started cheering. That sort of expression is simply not appropriate for a newsroom….As we head into a major political year, now’s a good time to remember: Please keep your personal politics to yourself.”

The incident was described in a blog by chief political reporter David Postman. He comments: “I wasn’t there, but I’ve talked to several people who were. It was only a couple of people who cheered and they, thankfully, are not among the people who get a say in news play. But obviously news staff shouldn’t be cheering or jeering the day’s news, particularly as Boardman points out, ‘when we have an outside guest in the room.’

Consider stories like those just mentioned. And then consider other instances of media bias either discovered or admitted:

I keep these numerous examples of discovered and admitted liberal bias in mind everytime I hear a far lefty whine about “Faux News.” “Faux News” is one network out of the tons of overwhelmingly liberal networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, etc yet they complain routinely that “Faux News” is spreading false information and misinforming viewers, when it’s a known fact that whatever “faux” information Fox has supposedly spread on the airwaves is a drop in the bucket to the routine examples of doctored, exaggerated, or outright false information that has been spread through those other networks. If these morons were that disgusted with ‘viewers being misinformed’ then they’d go after CBS, ABC and the like on the same grounds, because those networks routinely misinform – whether deliberately or not – on a daily basis, so much so that it’s hard to keep up with. But the only time you hear them whine about the NYT, CNN, ABC etc is when they perceive there is a ‘conservative bias’ within those outlets – as if!

What it boils down to is that liberals wouldn’t give a bleep about “Faux News” if it was parroting DNC talking points, but because it has a conservative tilt, it has spoiled their monopoly on mainstream (note: not opinion outlets) media outlets, they have to attack it with a vengeance, via attempting to intimidate sponsors from placing ads on the network, and stomping their feet until they can get all the Dem candidates for president to chicken out of debates co-hosted by “Faux.”

I’ll readily admit that Fox News has a conservative bias, but most liberals will not admit that the rest of the mainstream media, which outnumbers Fox by, oh, like 15-1, is the biggest, worst, and most routine offender of misinforming viewers by reporting stories that are blatantly biased to the left or so subtle you could almost miss it if you’re an average viewer/reader not paying close attention. And liberals who will admit that there is a liberal bias in news reporting have the audacity to claim that it’s “not a big deal, because we can’t suppress our opinions -it’s impossible. And even at that, people are smart enough to make up their own minds even when bias is clearly present, so you can’t blame the media for what people think.” Yet these are the same types of people who will complain that Fox is doing a disservice to their readers/viewers by supposedly giving opinionated news reports. Amazing, eh?

As we routinely heard nothing but negative stories coming out of Iraq for years, the approval of the public for the Iraq war kept slipping. Now that we’re hearing news reports of good news from Iraq, the public’s opinion is changing for the better. I suspect that deep down liberals know that the media has a powerful influence on the opinions of mainstream Americans, which is one of the reasons (in addition to them not wanting us to win in Iraq because it would be a defeat for Bush) why you’re seeing such a pushback from the far left on stories of war critics changing their tunes on what’s going on in Iraq. They’re disappointed and enraged that the media is reporting on the changing minds of some of the critics, and they’re using the only tool they have left: trying to prove the critics were never “vocal critics” anyway.

As I’ve said before, so many liberals in the past have tried to claim “there is no liberal bias” but when you’ve got blatant examples of it, as well as media-types themselves admitting it, it seems pointless to even deny anymore. It is the legitmate, unquestionable examples I’ve provided in this post – and more – which provide clear proof of why conservatives are so distrustful of the media. The liberal media complaint is not a ‘boogeyman’ – it’s reality, and any liberal who can still deny it with a straight face yet pout about and target “Faux News” at this point has their head buried deeply into the sand.

Thur AM Update: Mark Finkelstein has the details on Joe Scarborough’s admission that the MSNBC newsroom boo’d the President’s State of the Union “from the beginning to the end” in 2003. An excerpt from the transcript from today’s “Morning Joe”:

And I’ve got to say, my first night here at MSNBC was the President’s State of the Union address in 2003, and I was shocked because there were actually people in the newsroom that were booing the president actually from the beginning to the end. And I actually talked to [NBC/MSNBC executive] Phil Griffin about it, and he said “how was it last night?” Because he was the one that called me out of the Ace Hardware store, got my vest on. He said “how was it last night?” I said “well, it’s OK, I understand it’s a little bit different up here than it is down in northwest Florida, but you had people in the newsroom actively booing the President of the United States. Phil turned red very quickly. That didn’t happen again.

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