Today is United Nations day

Somewhere, like maybe in Islamofacist caves, Cuba, and Democrat party circles, there was a celebration of United Nations day, but for freedom-loving people, the day is a chance to remind the elites (like Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton) who put so much trust and faith in the UN just how little the UN has actually done for the world. Eye On the UN is must-read website for anyone desiring to keep a track of the antics of one of the world’s most worthless organizations. This page in particular definitely deserves a closer look:

The UN still has no definition of terrorism. [Note: Read more on that here. –ST]

The UN has been unable to adopt a comprehensive convention against terrorism. The Organization of the Islamic Conference insists blowing up Israelis and Americans in the name of self-determination doesn’t count. [Note: read more on that here. –ST]

The UN’s Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) has never named a single state sponsor of terrorism, individual terrorist or terrorist organization.

The Security Council serves as the conduit for Palestinian claims that terrorists are martyrs.

And the Security Council has also holds a yearly International Day(s) of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, in which they’ve been known to prominently display a “Palestinian map” which does not include Israel.

Let’s see. What else have they done in the name of vain self-interest rather than the selflessness which they lecture the US about? Let’s take a look at some other recent examples:

—- Item 1: Failed to condemn Iran over the capture of the 15 British sailors, and covered up a North Korea counterfeit operation of US money.

—- Item 2: Considered asking the Israel-hating Hamas-loving Jimmy Carter to oversee an investigation … of Israel.

—- Item 3: Blamed (of course) Israel for the UN’s inability to get UN observers out of the line of fire in southern Lebanon last summer during the war between Israel and Hezbollah, and in fact accused Israel of deliberately targeting and killing UN workers.

—- Item 4: Blamed the “humanitarian crisis” among the Palestinians on (who else?) Israel.

—- Item 5: Said the US’ embargo on Cuba was, in essence, “hampering” the advancement of political rights in the communist country.

—- Item 6: Declared the war in Iraq “illegal.”

—- Item 7: Tried to pass a resolution condeming Israel for assassinating their Hamas terrorist leader Ahmed Yassin. The country that vetoed it? The US.

—- Item 8: Given a platform to murderous thugs like Iran’s Islamofascist “leader” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Socialist pal Hugo Chavez to bash the US.

—- Item 9: Oil for Food scandal.

And that’s just the short list.

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