Quote of the day

“Meet the new Robin Hood, ladies and gentlemen: he steals from the poo[r] so the rich can continue their lavish lifestyles without feeling guilty about imminent planetary doom.”

— Newsbusters blogger Noel Sheppard, writing about how The Goracle admitted he won’t take to task the gigantic carbon footprint of many of the Hollywood elite because he doesn’t want to “get into personally criticising anyone.”

Oh really?

I think this is the real reason he won’t get into holding Hollywood’s feet to the fire – he knows where a lot of his money, fame, and power is coming from. Not only that, but it’d be like he was criticizing himself.

Yet Gore will stick it to opponents of gw personally, including the common man who can afford the “green” lifestyle a lot less than the Hollywood blowhards who help fuel his royal “prophetness’” ego with “green concerts” which were supposed to “raise awareness” of the “threat” from global warming, but in actuality created an even bigger carbon footprint than they started out with. And let’s not forget last year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, which had a similar negative impact on the environment, thanks to other two-faced global warming alarmists.

Hypocrites all.

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