Not another post explaining why you should support McCain

The conservative blogosphere is abuzz this morning over a piece written by friend and fellow NC blogger John Hawkins expressing why, in spite of writing two opinion pieces at over the last few months on why conservatives should support McCain, he no longer is. In a nutshell, he believes McCain has flip flopped again on the immigration issue. It’s no surprise that Michelle Malkin (and many who have tracked back to her post) side with John on the issue.

Captain Ed, on the other hand, takes a starkly different view in opposition to John’s position, which you can read here. He’s not seeing the flip flop. Nor does James Joyner. Nor do I, for that matter.

My views on supporting McCain can be read here and here, and are strong indicators of where I stand on the whole “should you or should you not vote for McCain” debate.

I see no need in rehashing them, as I’ve stated before that I am not going to beat my readers over the head on this issue, but would like to emphasize again one point I made previously on the point about “taking a principled stand” one way or another. Probably the one thing I’ve despised the most about the intra-party debate on this issue is one side or the other trying to claim the moral high ground. I’ve seen this debate framed that way before, with one side implying that the only principled stand is the one they take on the issue. Ed and John did an admirable job of resisting framing their arguments in such a manner, and I say good for them, because that’s the way it should be. I think most of us have seen principled arguments on both sides (and in the middle) on this issue. There’s just disagreement over which set of principles is more important.

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