More from the “Obama is like Jesus” file

Well, we go from “Jesus Was Dark, Liberal” yesterday to “”Some Men are Born for a Holy Mission, Such is Barack” today.  That was the title of an email an Obama supporter sent to Jim Geraghty.  Here’s the text:

Let’s be clear, Obama Has experience, it’s just not Washington experience. What they fear is Barack Obama’s Vision— a vision to empower people and to put people first again and they fear his power to inspire and ennoble men to have hope again — to believe again. They know that Barack offers real change (that means change from GOP domination and manipulation) and he offers forward thinking and progressive ideas and solutions to Really solve the current problems facing us today. One of Barrack’s greatest assets is that he is unmired [sic] by the trappings of wealth and power that means big oil, as it is imperative that we find an alternative solution to oil, if the United States is to continue to be prosperous and to thrive. All of these attributes are which makes Barack a truly great leader of men, needed for these times! Some men are born for a holy mission, like the young King David who was made king over his older brothers. Their experience or annointing [sic] comes from God, such a man is Barack.

Would someone pass me one of those airplane “Gag Bags” please?    :-&


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