Gotta love those “free speech-loving” far lefties

This morning, I linked up to the short video taken of Michelle Malkin being harassed and stalked by 9-11 Truther/Recreate 68 nutball Alex Jones and his band of intimidators while trying to film footage of their Denver protest.

PJM has posted another video, this time a lot more clear, of the confrontation and shows Michelle taking on Alex, and him throwing his weight around soon thereafter, as things started to get out of control. From what I can see, she wasn’t touched but it got close as Alex and his gang followed her around for several minutes yelling and screaming and standing within inches of her, definitely invading her personal space, and trying to talk over her so she couldn’t be heard. It starts about 2:40 into the video:

You hear things like “Kill Michelle Malkin!” and “Fascist!” repeated through parts of the vid. She’s so small she almost disappears in the crowd at times.

When I watched the vid the first thing I thought of was, “How on earth could a man possibly want to do that to a woman?” And then it hit me. Alex Jones isn’t a man. Or, I should say, not a real man. A real man would never ever treat a woman like he did, whether he disagreed with her or not.

This goes beyond politics and free speech to basic human decency and respect. Alex Jones should feel a ton of shame, but he’s the kind of low-life jerk that has absolutely none. This is what happens when you have moral relativist losers out there who believe there is no wrong or right – there just “is.” l-)

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