Newsflash: More people watched McCain’s acceptance speech than Obama’s

Just think:  He did it all without the help of a fake Greek temple in the background!

And as I noted in this post, Gov. Palin was no slouch either – coming in at about a million less viewers than Obama’s numbers. Quite impressive for someone new to the national political scene, especially when you consider the fact that she had six less networks broadcasting her speech than Obama did.

The AP cracks me up here in their article talking about how many watched McCain and Obama’s speeches, declaring that it was a “tie” between Obama and McCain for the number of viewers who tuned in to hear their respective speeches.  Show of hands how many people believe that they’d be declaring it a “tie” if McCain had pulled in just slightly less than Obama?

Yeah, I didn’t think I’d see any hands raised ;)

Ok, now back to relaxing on a Saturday :D

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