McCain and Ohio … and one far left blogger’s suggestion for Obama

The Weekly Standard’s Brian Faughnan notes here that things are looking good for McCain in the battleground state of Ohio at this stage in the race for the presidency.  Ohio, as we all know, is a must-win state for whoever will go on to win the presidency.

Daily Kos blogger and failed candidate for US Senate (as well as the US House) Paul Hackett (D-AntiWaristan) has noticed this as well and, after blaming poll numbers partly on racism, has what he feels is a “solution” that would “help” Barack Obama win the state of Ohio in November.  Check this out (emphasis added by me):

The Palin/McCain ticket reflects a course of action on the part of the Republican party that deftly understands both the strengths and weaknesses of the Democratic ticket and aggressively attacks both.  The only antidote for such an assault is a comprehensive and aggressive personal attack on the Republican ticket focusing on how the personal lives of Palin/McCain evidence their personal unreliability and therefore their lack of character and values to lead America coupled with an aggressive defense of the Democratic central theme of Change.

Both elements of strategy, an offensive and defensive plan appear to be absent in Southern Ohio.

The solution rests with local surrogates on the ground spreading the attack face to face coupled with an air campaign via radio and TV.  

The message is simple and the professionals can refine it but essentially it should contain these elements:

“Sarah Palin?  Can’t keep her solemn oath of devotion to her husband and had sex with his employee.  Sarah Palin? Accidentally got pregnant at age 43 and the tax payers of Alaska have to pay for the care of her disabled child.  Sarah Palin? Unable to teach her 16 year old daughter right from wrong and now another teenager is pregnant. Sarah Palin? Can you trust Sarah Palin and her values with America’s future?  John McCain? Divorced from his first wife one month and marries a billionaire influence peddler and convicted felon.  John McCain, a record of rash and impulsive decisions.  That’s not change that’s more of the same.”

Hmmm.  With strategies like that, it’s no wonder he hasn’t succeeded in slithering his way into the US Congress.

Thank goodness.

Update: And speaking of far left liberals, loony left talk show host Randi Rhodes, in addition to believing that John McCain was “well-treated” as a POW and in addition to believing that Zarqawi was a US creation, is floating the idea that Gov. Sarah Palin likes to … sleep with young teenage boys.  Click below to listen:

These people have freaking lost it.

Hat tip: ST reader WB.

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