Jimmy Carter proves once again why so many liberal Christians just don’t get it

James Joyner pretty much has the ultimate takedown on Jimmy Carter’s recent reaffirmation that he has “left” the Southern Baptist Convention because, essentially, he believes that the SBC is no better than Islamofascists when it comes to the “subjugation of women.” Why? Because the SBC still believes that it’s against scripture for women to serve as pastors and deacons in the church.

Read Carter’s moral equivalency fest (the typical screed of a moral relativist, as I noted yesterday) first to see the true depth of his warped reasoning behind leaving the SBC some 8 years ago (why he felt the need to reaffirm something he did nearly a decade ago is beyond me, but whatever), and then read Joyner’s takedown, which he approaches from the secular perspective – perfect for liberal Christians like Carter who judge Southern Baptists from that exact same perspective.

Of course, we also have to keep in mind that moral relativists like Carter don’t view truly oppressive, repressive, thuggish and brutish outfits like the terrorist group Hamas as an actual terrorist organization, rarely if ever see fit to condemn those groups harshly (understandable, if you consider they don’t view them to be seriously bad apples in the first place) and also believes that they – and the Palestinians – could “peacefully” co-exist with Israel if those danged Jews would just leave them alone, so his opinion really doesn’t matter much anyway, except in the minds of liberals – Christian or otherwise – who seek validation of beliefs and opinions on a variety of issues that are at odds with not only basic human decency and morality but also, for believers, the Word of God.

In the scheme of things, I find those inconvenient (to the left) facts far more troublesome than the continuance of the SBC to not allow women to serve as pastors in the church. Women are equals in the Christian church in a way that is understandable if one simply picks up their Bible and reads it cover to cover (read here for more). On the other hand, there is no justification in the Bible for the types of “progressive” preachings commonly found being expressed by many liberal Christians like Jimmy Carter today.

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