Democrats distance themselves from Carter’s remarks


You have a number of Democrats – including WH spox Robert Gibbs – now running away from Carter’s accusation that the real reason behind opposition to Obama is race. My question is: Where were these same people over the summer when their fellow Democrats – like Charlie Rangel and John Dingell, along with some in the MSM, were falsely accusing ObamaCare opponents of racism?

Answer: They were silent, because the mainstream media weren’t dogging them about their opinions and in turn these same Dems weren’t offering their opinions, which worked for them because their silence allowed the bogus smear to continue on without interruptions, thus giving the impression that opponents of the President’s healthcare “reform” plan were just a bunch of racist fruitcakes who shouldn’t be listened to.

Yet they weigh in now, after the damage has already been done? I’m not impressed. This is classic modern day liberalism. Allow baseless charges to go on unchallenged for days and weeks before you issue a “condemnation” or at the very least distance yourself. That way you can appear above it all and act as though you never believed the charges yourself.

A tactic President Obama himself proved he had down pat early on in the primaries last year.

So if opponents of ObamaCare are supposed to be impressed by Senator Kay Hagen and Obama’s “minister of information” Robert Gibbs’ distancing themselves from Jimmy Carter’s remarks, I’d say these “distancing Democrats” are miserable failures. They should have spoken out strongly about this much sooner. But their desire to score a knockout punch against the opposition without having to say a word won out.


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