And some still wonder why more and more people don’t trust the MSM (UPDATE: APRIL FOOLS!)

MediaThe mainstream media’s bias in favor of Barack Obama has been well-documented. In 2008, Investors Business Daily posted a comparison chart of media campaign contributions to Democrats versus their campaign contributions to Republicans, and found that Democrats had a 100 to 1 advantage in that department. Over the last several years, some liberal journalists and columnists have bravely gone on the record in admitting the strong left wing tilt of most major (and minor) mainstream media news organizations.

Still, that hasn’t kept some folks -mostly on the left – from suggesting that the media is “just doing its job.” And, funnier still, a percentage of those lefties actually believe the mainstream media is conservatively biased. After you get done laughing at that one, make sure you forward the below recent examples of liberal media bias – painstakingly chronicled by the dedicated folks at the Media Research Center – to any liberal friend you have who still tries to suggest that the media isn’t biased in favor of Democrats. From their Notable Quotables:

Co-host Meredith Vieira: “Now Senator DeMint, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was walking into the Capitol, I noticed one of the Tea Party protesters was brandishing a broom in her direction. Was he calling the Speaker a witch? And by-”

Sen. Jim DeMint: “Oh, c’mon Meredith. I saw that protester, too. He was chanting ‘Sweep the bums out!’”

Vieira: “-and, and no Senator, as I was going to say, by implication aren’t the protesters implying that they want to burn Nancy Pelosi at the stake? Like they did at the Salem Witch Trials? And if so, will you, sir, condemn this kind of atrocious language? And if this happens again, will you have these protesters arrested?”
— NBC Today show, April 1.


“Now, as many of you know, the health care debate turned ugly when too many citizens still not over how African-Americans earned equal rights in this country set their sites on denying all of us access to health care. Now, in what some see as another ugly turn, those same so-called ‘Tea Party’ activists have turned their sites on President Obama’s noble dream of providing a free college education to all. So, Jake, should we fear more protesters swarming the streets of D.C., yelling racial slurs and gay epithets, trying, once again, to slow social progress?”
— Anchor Diane Sawyer to White House correspondent Jake Tapper, ABC’s World News, April 1.


“You know, Keith, I really think Barack Obama could finish the year with not just one Nobel Prize, but three. This health care bill is bound to save literally millions of lives, and the legislative language itself is a masterpiece. Given the good sense of the Norwegians, I think the President could easily win the Nobels for medicine and literature this year.”
— Newsweek’s Howard Fineman to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann during live coverage of the health care bill signing, April 1.

Insane, isn’t it? Especially insane (and infuriating) is how the MSM ignored routine instances of visceral left wing hatred demonstrated (literally, in many cases) towards President Bush (let’s not forget the death threats) and conservatives on an almost hourly basis during the 8 years Bush was President, far more than the few scattered instances seen in the last year and a half of the Obama administration demonstrated by right wingers. In fact, the MSM still ignores left hatred towards the right to this day.

Anyway, make sure to read the whole thing.

Update – 8:20 PM: I’ve not fallen for a single April Fool’s joke all day – until now, apparently. The above MRC quotes were apparently an Apri Fool’s Day joke. But, they’re so used to what we’ve seen come from the MSM so many times before, that they were easy enough to fall for. They seemed so real …

Thanks to the multiple readers who alerted me to the joke. :">

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