More words of “wisdom” from Whoopi about who commits terrorist acts

The NY Daily News reports that the Mistress of Misinformation and Bill O’Reilly sort of buried the hatchet yesterday from their now-infamous October spat over Muslim terrorism in which Goldberg and co-host Joy Behar stormed off the set:

It was round two for Whoopi Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly Tuesday, who faced off again just a month after their blowout on “The View.”

Goldberg appeared on the Fox host’s show to promote her new book and to talk about terrorism in the Muslim world – the topic that landed them in a dramatic clash last month.

Appearing much calmer than in their previous interaction, the two TV personalities shared a laugh over their fight.


After burying the hatchet, the hosts had a chance to revisit their conversation about Muslims and terrorism, and once again found themselves in disagreement.

“We have a Muslim problem in the world,” O’Reilly said. “90% of the terrorism comes out of that area.”

“What do you mean?” Goldberg said. “Terrorists come from everywhere.”

“No, predominantly they are Muslims,” O’Reilly countered.

“Right now, everybody can say Muslims are the terrorists,” Goldberg said. “Two years ago, it was the white people that were the terrorists.”

Gateway Pundit has the video (hat tip).

I’m going to pretend for five minutes that Whoopi Goldberg is a serious, credible, respected political commentator rather than a narcissistic, self-important “comedian” on The View, and will ask her the same questions I have asked other liberals when they try to play the moral equivalency card on the issue of global terrorism and who commits the vast majority of terrorist acts – Muslim extremists or white Christians:  

What global white/Christian terrorist network trained Tim McVeigh?  How many instances can you point to where white Christians have trained to only fly but not land a plane?  How many white Christian terror cells/plots have been busted up worldwide?  What white Christian churches across the US and other countries provide safe havens and planning areas for white Christian terrorists? Who is the OBL equivalent amongst white Christian terrorists around the world?

I could go on and on, but the point has been made, I think.  As I said after last month’s dust-up between BillO, Whoopi, and Behar:

There is no issue that brings out the blatant hypocrisy, illogic, stupidity, and duplicitous nature of activist liberals more than when it comes to Christianity and the left’s outrageous attempts at equating rare and isolated incidents of extremism committed because of the mistaken belief by a tiny few wackos that the Bible promotes violence against non-believers, to the routine, worldwide Islamofascistic terrorism that is both promoted and mandated by the Koran itself. These are the real underlying facts of the matter that nitwits like Behar and Goldberg refuse to acknowledge, so instead of confronting the fact that Muslims DID kill thousands of innocents on 9-11 and in fact continue to do so, they come up with a case of the vapors and cut and run off the set until BillO apologizes.

Would someone, anyone, please buy these View women a clue? Please?

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