Another liberal icon pulls out wallet in defense of “hero journalist” Assange

First it was disgraced liberal “documentarian” Michael Moore. Now Hustler publisher and fellow liberal icon Larry Flynt has stepped up to the plate to not only defend and support global scumbag Julian Assange, but also to – as Moore did – suggest that if Wikileaks had existed sooner the Iraq war might have been prevented. From Flynt’s HuffPo rant:

Let’s get something straight: Julian Assange is a journalist. You can argue that he is not practicing journalism the way you think it should be practiced — releasing classified U.S. State Department documents — but he’s a journalist nonetheless. And for many of us he’s a hero.

I’m sick and tired of the politicians and political pundits treating this man as if he were a criminal. If WikiLeaks had existed in 2003 when George W. Bush was ginning up the war in Iraq, America might not be in the horrendous situation it is today, with our troops fighting in three countries (counting Pakistan) and the consequent cost in blood and dollars.

Freakin’ outrageous. If this jackass was so concerned about bloodshed, he’d be 10,000% against the release of the Wikileaks documents because their exposure puts hundreds of thousands of ground forces – including US troops, intelligence agents, coaltion forces – not to mention civilians – in more danger than they were previously. It will also seriously endanger complicated but essential diplomatic relationships we have with other countries who have cooperated with us in the global war on terror.

This guy doesn’t give a d*mn about lives lost: This is all about the continued far left fight against the REAL “enemy” to them: President George W. Bush. They believe the Wikileaks documents expose GWB and his “warmonger administration” as nothing more than bloodthirsty power-seekers who used their justification for the Iraq war as a pre-text for their lust for “oil!!!!!” when in fact, contra to the moronic claims of these uber-left wingers, there is information contained within the documents that actually prove that BushCo were right on many aspects of the issue of WMDs and Saddam’s desire to reconstitute his WMD programs once he got the chance.

Not that you’ll ever find that reported in the mainstream media to any significant, meaningful extent.

As always, we can count on the repugnant liberal Hollywood elite to come to the defense of the lowest, dirtiest life forms on earth, including death row inmates like cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, brutal dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez (more here), admitted child rapists like Roman Polanski, and now America-hater and sexual deviant/stalker / accused rapist Julian Assange.

The term “morally bankrupt” doesn’t quite cover this bunch, does it?

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