MEMO to so-called “feminists”: NOBODY cares about your damn vajayjay!

I get so sick of this juvenile garbage from so-called “adults”:

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A state lawmaker who says she was barred from speaking in the Michigan House because Republicans objected to her saying “vagina” during debate on anti-abortion legislation is set to perform “The Vagina Monologues” on the Statehouse steps — with a hand from the author.

Eve Ensler, whose groundbreaking play about women’s sexuality still packs theaters 16 years after it debuted, is overseeing Monday night’s performance on the Statehouse steps by Democratic state Rep. Lisa Brown, 10 other lawmakers and several actresses. The show was expected to draw quite a crowd, as more than 3,700 people had indicated they planned to attend on the Facebook event page, “Vaginas Take Back the Capitol!”

Ensler, who took time away from a production she’s overseeing in California so she could help put on Monday’s performance, said she’s thrilled to be involved. She likened the punishment meted out by the Republicans who control the Michigan House to “the Dark Ages.”

“If we ever knew deep in our hearts that the issue about abortion … was not really about fetuses and babies, but really men’s terror of women’s sexuality and power, I think it’s fully evidenced here,” Ensler told The Associated Press by phone Monday.

“We’re talking about the silencing of women, we’re talking about censoring people for saying a body part,” she said. “Half of these people who are trying to regulate vaginas, they can’t even say the word.”

Brown made her comments during debate last week on a series of bills that supporters say would make abortions safer but that opponents say would dramatically reduce women’s ability to get abortions. While speaking against a bill requiring doctors to ensure women aren’t coerced into ending their pregnancies, Brown told Republicans, “I’m flattered you’re all so concerned about my vagina. But no means no.”

Brown was barred from speaking in the House during the next day’s session. House Republicans say they didn’t object to her saying “vagina.” They said Brown compared the legislation to rape, violating House decorum. She denies the allegation.

“Her comments compared the support of legislation protecting women and life to rape, and I fully support Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas’ decision to maintain professionalism and order on the House floor,” GOP Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons, of Alto, said in a statement last week.

Of course Brown and her Democrat colleague in the Michigan House Barb Byrum are on the receiving ends of waves of sympathy from far left “feminists” all over the country who actually believe Michigan House Republicans who “banned” her from speaking on the House floor for a day did so because they 1) didn’t want the word “vagina” said on the House floor and 2) didn’t want opposing opinions on the issue of “anti-abortion legislation” expressed.   You can probably go to the website for the Michigan House and find archives where the issue of abortion has been discussed before without any “banning” taking place.

Whether or not she and her colleague should have been prevented from speaking on the House floor the next day is debatable. What’s not debatable, however, are not only the childish comments that led to the banning decision but the ridiculous (demagogic) responses from Brown and others to the banning itself (Brown and other idiotic lawmakers are expected to perform the “VM” tonight – if they haven’t already).   Can’t liberal women grow up for five minutes on this issue without turning it into a political stunt ultimately  designed to generate support for the termination of the unborn and raise money off the backs of dead unborn babies ?  Apparently not, as I’ve documented here on numerous occasions.

And how stupid is this: This event is so “important” to the “women’s movement” that the Facebook page for it states “NO FILMING PERMITTED” – are you kidding me?  Do they not want their stupidity caught on camera? I don’t blame them, really – but when you deliberately promote an event to national stage status, you better expect people will be filming. I can’t wait to make fun of the videos that come out of this.  Will the crowd repeatedly chant, “vagina”?

Early feminists probably roll over in their graves over things like this – the whole point in the original feminist movement was to get society to view women as equals, rather than defining them by their body parts.  Sadly, we’ve done a 180.  Instead of being able to debate an issue passionately but respectfully in state houses like adult men and women, we’ve got narcissistic liberal “feminists” playing “victim” by generating faux “controversies” during those debates in order to shamelessly draw attention to both themselves and the so-called “War On Women” being waged on “real” women by the GOP.  As usual, lost in all of this is the real issue at hand – the tiny growing, developing, unborn life inside of a woman’s body and what its rights are.

Which is exactly the way these witches want it.

And not only are they continuing to deliberately reframe the debate over abortion as being about “women’s rights” more so than the life of the  unborn, but they’re also – unfortunately – still viewed as the official “spokespeople” for ALL women across America ….  after essentially destroying the true definition of real feminism.

It’s time to take feminism BACK.  Join me.

Update – 7:46 PM: From the Detroit Free Press – More than 3,000 cheer Michigan lawmakers’ drama in Lansing: ‘My vagina is angry.’

Also, via RawStory: Musical parody: Woman sings ‘hands off my clam’

Aaaaand – Michael Moore gives  his .02.

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