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Target CEO: We Should Have Kept Quiet About Bathroom Policy


The Wall Street Journal published a behind-the-paywall piece recently on the fallout from Target’s decision to go public a year ago with it’s “inclusive” bathroom and fitting room policy in the aftermath of the passage of North Carolina’s HB2. The piece noted that Target’s sales fell substantially in the three quarters after their announcement due to a heavily promoted boycott push by concerned customers. Via Business Insider:.....   [Read More]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Inadvertently Reveals The Real Problem With The “HB2 Wars”

Ladies only

The so-called “bathroom wars” have been debated, discussed, and dissected so many times now that you’d think there was no point rehashing the deeply personal angles to them. But the activist Left and their righteous champions in the mainstream media keep providing sterling examples of just why these angles are so deserving of much sunlight......   [Read More]