The Alito confirmation hearings: Day two

Posted by: ST on January 10, 2006 at 9:59 am

Matt Margolis is liveblogging day two of the Samuel Alito confirmation hearings.

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  • trackbacked with Specter questions Alito
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    1. shingles says:

      How anyone has the fortitude to live blog during this is beyond me…must have a high tolerance for speechifying blowhards on both sides of the aisle.

    2. PCD says:

      Well, It is a lot more survivable than driving with Ted Kennedy after he’s been on one of his benders. Ask Mary Jo Kopechne.

    3. shingles says:

      Or being his chair.

    4. tommy in nyc says:

      That’s a cheap shot PCD. Was the man charged with a crime? Unlike plenty of other poiticans on both sides of the aisle. Your vitrolic hatred of the left is shown when you make statements such as you did. Youse on the right makes claims that you care that yose are”compassionate conservatives then youse nominate people like Judge Alito is is probably try to take away a woman’s right to choose. Some compassion:)>-:)>-

    5. PCD says:

      tommy, yes, Teddy boy was charged with a crime. He bought the best lawyers in the country, pulled political strings in Massachusetts and got a slap on the wrist.

      Tommy, Judge, soon to be Justice, Alito, BTW, a name Drunk Teddy can’t remember in his alcoholic fog, is a Constitutionalist. Some one you fear because he won’t implement or endorse the liberal political agenda over the written and ratified Constitution.

    6. CZ says:

      Wow! Looks like we got us another real judge.:d

      Now, can we just fix that dang social scrutiny?<):)

    7. CZ says:

      I just love this Alito exchange with Schumer…thanks to CQ!

      :o) Q: Does the Constitution protect free speech?

      **== A: Yes, Senator, the First Amendment protects free speech.

      :o) Q. Well, why can you give me a straight answer on that issue but not give me a straight answer on abortion?

      **==A. Because the text of the Constitution explicitly includes the term “free speech”.

      =)) All I can say is……BOO-YAHHHHHH!!!!

    8. steve says:

      bush was also a drunk too. Or do you all just draw attention to Democrat drunks? Fair and balanced, riiiiigght. Peace

    9. John says:

      Steve, to use your words, “was a drunk”. W admitted to alchol being to important in his life and made the choice to stop drinking. Has Teddy ever done that? Does that mean W is a “drunk”? Evidently to you. To others, it may mean he is far more intellegent than the esteemed Senator.

    10. Pam says:

      Tommy who are you trying to kid with the protecting of Teddy Kennedy’s reputation where MaryJo is concerned? And how about how he can’t stay for the entire session today? What happened? Did he need a drink that bad that he couldn’t stay all day?

    11. Baklava says:

      Tommy wrote, “Some compassion

      Yeppers. Compassion for those who are living. Have you answered at what point you’d say a woman can’t choose a “social” abortion anymore? Did you see the discussion on France, Germany and Britain. They have stricter rules on “social” abortions than us because they have “compassion”.

      Don’t get condescending now… You tend to do that…

    12. Baklava says:

      Would be nice to see a substantive set of responses from liberals on Alito. All we get are attacks.

      I heard part of the questioning (with 12 minute long questions) and I gotta say the Democrats don’t really have a real reason to not affirm him as a Supreme Court Justice.

    13. Gahrie says:

      George Bush never abandoned his date in a sinking car, even when he was a drunk.

    14. PCD says:

      Edited. –ST W has dealt with his drinking problem. Teddy indulges in it constantly. Teddy is the irresponsible person. W is responsible. Yeah, I know steve blames Bush for everything including the fact that Israel/Zionists/NeoCons have rights and are allowed to live in defiance of steve’s oft stated wishes.

    15. steve says:

      Zionist,neo-con, armageddonists have the same right to life and liberty as anyone. I think that their philosophy on foreign policy is dangerous and should be discredited. The problem is what they think, not who they are. And my solution is to pick apart what they believe and see if anyone else has the same problem with their thought process as I do. That’s the American way correct? Peace

    16. PCD says:

      steve, you don’t get away that easily. You’ve put out a lot of posts and your solution is quite evident in all of them, and it isn’t peace.

    17. steve says:

      My position: Was, Is now and Always will be; non-violence and Peace. My solution to problems is to actively practice non-violence and Peace. Peace

    18. Marty says:

      Steve is one of those people who insist that war is not the answer.

      They just don’t seem to know what the answer IS.

    19. steve says:

      The answer is Peace. Have a little faith folks. Peace