It’s official: Prez names Hayden as new CIA director

Posted by: ST on May 8, 2006 at 9:52 am

Via FoxNews:

WASHINGTON — President Bush announced his intention to nominate General Michael Hayden as the next CIA director on Monday morning.

“Mike Hayden is supremely qualified for this position,” Bush said from the Oval Office. “Mike has more than 20 years of experience in the intelligence field. He served as six years as director of the National Security Agency and thus brings vast experience leaading a major intelligence agency to his new assignment.

“Mike knows our intelligence community from the ground up. He is both a provider and consumer of intelligence,” Bush said.

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said that the current deputy director of national intelligence has plenty of experience that can be put to good use in the post.

“His great strength is he is a broad-gauge guy. He understands all aspects of the intelligence business and he understands how to bring them together into, really, a joint enterprise to better protect the country and that’s really what is needed at this time,” Hadley told FOX & Friends.

Hayden, known as someone willing to do battle in defense of the positions he holds, may need that quality as the 61-year-old Air Force general goes up against a leery Senate tasked with confirming a new CIA chief.

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6 Responses to “It’s official: Prez names Hayden as new CIA director”


  1. PCD says:

    This nomination is in trouble because the General isn’t from the Plame camp of Bush haters within the CIA and Pentagon.

  2. Lorica says:

    Yes the left is already screaming about how it is a civilian spy agency so it should not be headed by a general. There is just no pleasing these folk. I think what do you care anyway, you all hate the CIA unless the lefties there are screwing Bush. This should Ferret the rest of the communist weasels that are left in the CIA. /yawn Next Non-story please. – Lorica

  3. Dave in CO says:

    I believe that the retired four-stars are a great untapped resource. We train these guys (and ladies) for decades to serve in leadership positions but when they retire they tend to become talking heads on Fox and CNN. We should put these guys in positions where their expertise can be used and America can benefit.

    Remember LtG Honore (“Don’t get stuck on stupid, reporters.”) of the CoonAss militia during the post-Katrina rescue and clean up? We joked about having him serve as head of FEMA but I thought it a terrific idea.

  4. camojack says:

    Let’s hope he can make a positive difference… **==

  5. – Unfortunately for the Dimbulbs their political advisors are screaming back at them to shut up already. Roves smells yet another opportunity to show the Dems in a bad light on the WOT, and advisors are trying to duct tape the Dem leaderships mouths before they play right into his hands.

    – Several Dems on the hill today were doing a LurchKerry just a few hours into the morning, doing a complete 180 on Haydens appointment. Apparently they’re now for it, but that was before they were against it.

    – Watch for the up/down trend in the partisan nature of the wiretap questions during Haydens confirmation hearings. We’ll know if they for once use some common sense or BDS makes them moon batty once again.

    – Bang **==

  6. benning says:

    We’ll see if he csn do what Goss left unfinished: clear out the individuals with partisan agendas, charge the individuals who have leaked sensitive info, up the humintel resources that the Clinton’s disparaged and reduced.

    Love to see the CIA brought up to snuff.