The latest, sickest smear from the MSM towards our military

Little Green Footballs has the details.

It’s so disgusting that I can’t even put it into words.

Anymore questions out there from any of you who still think the MSM doesn’t despise the military?

Flashback: This cartoon says it all, as does this interview with ABC News’ reporter Terry Moran regarding anti-military bias in the media.

Read more via Michelle Malkin and AllahPundit.

PM Update: Malkin, as usual, is on top of things and posts about the RAMPANT hypocrisy the MSM is showing with regards to songs members of the military sing/rap. Check out the lyrics the MSM praised versus the lyrics that are being slammed now.

I’m not prone to using certain curse words, but I have to admit a few are springing to mind right now that would be quite appropriate for the usual suspects in the MSM.


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