Being racist and homophobic – for a good cause

Posted by: ST on August 5, 2006 at 5:27 pm

Dan Riehl has done some digging and has found more despicable Photoshopping of Senator Joe Lieberman by lefty bloggers – the results of which Dan describes below:

There can be little doubt that research would reveal plenty of additional content some would call despicable. And all of it directly benefited the Lamont campaign, as [Jane] Hamsher consistently linked her posts to fund raising efforts said to have produced tens of thousands of dollars for the Lamont campaign.

Read it all (and see links to photos) here.

This is a new twist on fundraising, I must say. Usually, liberals demagogue conservative arguments on issues related to black people and the gay community as being “racist” and “homophobic”, and further declare that such arguments are only made by “religious bigots” – now, interestingly enough, it seems some liberals are willing to actually play the role of both racist and homophobe … for a ‘good cause’, of course.

Hat tip: The Sundries Shack

More: OUCH. Brian at Iowa Voice has a link rundown of racist Democratic remarks, made not just by politicians, but by their prominent supporters.


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    1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      ST, I think that this “do-as-I-tell-you-not-as-I-do” trend of the nutroots Democrats using outright bigotry is the wave of the future.

      If Lamont and McKinney win, the nutroots will see this as proof that hatred (which they view as righteous anger) is both their right and their surefire ticket to power. In the future we can expect an avalanche of such attacks aimed at Republicans and non-nutroots Democrats. In fact, anyone not willing to bow the knee to the nutroots will feel their wrath.

      The nutroots is a movement that has already shown itself to be violent, anti-Semitic, and racist. The parallels between the nutroots Democrats and the National Socialists are becoming clearer every day.

    2. Phil says:

      I have been following this issue via Michelle Malkin’s site for quite some time and one of the supporters whom has a blog site has had very vengefull acts that she has been involved in, she sends out her little minnions of hate to discredit some of the books published by Conservatives to places like Amazon to purposely vote a single star on them to drive down the book sales.

      For example this very individual I am referring to Racist Liberal Jane Hamsher which can also be found on Michelle Malkin’s site if they take the time to read her post will also find out about this.

    3. PCD says:

      Since when did Liberals not be BIGOTED or HOMOPHOBIC? I remember Willie Brown telling Racist jokes at newsconferences with the reporters all laughing at them. I called the OC Register report on his bias in not reporting Willie Brown’s racism. The reporter denied it, but then KOGO radio played the clips from the newsconferences with all the reporters laughing. The OC Register’s Ombudsman had to retract is chastizement of me and then chastize the reporter in his column for not only being biased, but lying to the Ombudsman to boot.

      So whan haven’t Liberals been Racist? They get real Homophobic when shouting down a Gay Republican.

    4. Big Bang Hunter says:

      “The parallels between the nutroots Democrats and the National Socialists are becoming clearer every day.”

      Remember Komrads: Call anyone not one of “us” a racist bigot in honor of our beloved leaders National Socialism rich traditions of tolerance. Otherwise we’ll blow our cover!

      (This message brought to you by Laika the space dog – Beaming truthiness to tin hats everywhere since 1957.)

      – Bang **==

    5. Big Bang Hunter says:

      *Sorry again ST – that previous post was ment for the open thread….I’m getting so so old…*

      I moved it, Bang :) –ST

    6. Drewsmom says:

      Yeah saw the McKinney debate, the other guy was not to bright but he made cynthia look like a fool, and the rev. al and jackson are right behind lemont-end of story cuz its o.k. for these two loons to support a guy who would use blackface on Lieberman, can you just imagine how they’d react if it had been a republican, they’d have a friggin cow.:([-x

    7. forest hunter says:

      Dunno BBH, it kinda goes with the ‘ists, ‘phobics and sech. PC whiners all.