Being racist and homophobic – for a good cause

Dan Riehl has done some digging and has found more despicable Photoshopping of Senator Joe Lieberman by lefty bloggers – the results of which Dan describes below:

There can be little doubt that research would reveal plenty of additional content some would call despicable. And all of it directly benefited the Lamont campaign, as [Jane] Hamsher consistently linked her posts to fund raising efforts said to have produced tens of thousands of dollars for the Lamont campaign.

Read it all (and see links to photos) here.

This is a new twist on fundraising, I must say. Usually, liberals demagogue conservative arguments on issues related to black people and the gay community as being “racist” and “homophobic”, and further declare that such arguments are only made by “religious bigots” – now, interestingly enough, it seems some liberals are willing to actually play the role of both racist and homophobe … for a ‘good cause’, of course.

Hat tip: The Sundries Shack

More: OUCH. Brian at Iowa Voice has a link rundown of racist Democratic remarks, made not just by politicians, but by their prominent supporters.


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