Joe Wilson: pro-Iraq war once upon a time?

I would like to see a full transcript of WABC talk radio host Mark Simone’s interview with Joe Wilson, because these excerpts from it are intriguing and – well, hard to believe:

“There was a lot of reason to be concerned about weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Saddam Hussein,” he told WABC Radio’s Mark Simone. “I always thought that he probably had chemical and biological weapons and biological precursors as well.”

Wilson said his primary policy difference with President Bush wasn’t over Saddam’s WMDs, but rather on the question of “how to construct a policy that gets to the national security issue of disarming Saddam Hussein and does so at minimum risk to other legitimate U.S. interests both in Iraq and in the region.”

But aside from that, Wilson said he cheered President Bush’s decision to topple the Iraqi dictator, telling Simone: “When the president went up to the U.N. and got the [war] resolution unanimously passed at the U.N., nobody applauded louder than I did.”

I’ll be on the hunt for a transcript. In the meantime, if anyone finds one, please post a link to it in the comments section or email me.

Related: Tom Maguire notes another CIA leak that has appeared in the Washington Post – the name of the agent in this particular article wasn’t revealed, but Tom is sure that ‘concerned’ Senators like Chuck Schumer will be all over it nevertheless. AJ Strata discusses this as well.

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