A sense of the tide turning in our favor

Are any of you getting the feeling that I am that the tide seems to be turning against the naysayer defeatist Dems and RINOs in DC as well as those in our liberal media regarding our national security and overall war on terror?

The President’s ratings, while not great, are no longer in the 30s and have been trending upwards for the last month or so. The Dems/liberal media’s very obvious attempts at turning America against this President via news about him authorizing warrantless wiretaps shortly after 9-11 have not produced the results I’m sure they were hoping for – in fact, just the opposite of what they were hoping would happen has taken place. At least one liberal newspaper has come to the conclusion that there was no ‘conspiracy’ to deceive the American people on the part of the President regarding the threat he (and many others) have long asserted about the threat from Iraq. The Dems are on the defensive regarding their stance on the Iraq war.

In 2004, the Democrats and their pals in the MSM ratcheted up their attacks on the President’s national security credentials – one area where he has (with the rare exception to the rule) generally polled above 50%. It didn’t work. They are doing it again.

And it is not working. Again.

When will they ever learn?

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