V For Vendetta: A Review

John Hawkins at Right Wing News went to see the movie V For Vendetta and has written up a decidedly negative review of the film. Read it here (warning: contains spoilers). Here’s a snippet:

Now, before I go on, I know what many of you are probably thinking: “Come on, Hawkins, you’re making this review too political. It’s a movie and it’s not even set in America…” What can I say? The movie isn’t subtle. It uses a jackhammer to thunder home its political points. At one point it shows a “Coalition of the Willing” poster with a swastika on it. It blames the current troubles in Britain on, “America’s war.” The whole movie is built over top of the lunatic vision that wild eyed liberals have of America.

In any case, setting aside the, “Terrorism is wonderful and conservatives are evil,” theme of the movie, is it any good? Well, my guess is that the movie going public will break down into three large groups. If you’re conservative, you’ll find it to be a depraved movie. If you’re liberal and maybe a bit twisted, you’ll enjoy the movie because you’ll see it as sticking it to Bush and the fact that it glorifies terrorism, something that will horrify red staters, will make it all the sweeter for you. As far as everyone else goes, my guess is that they’ll just be bored because politics aside, this movie isn’t exactly, “fun for the whole family,” or for that matter, anyone in the family, unless perhaps your last name is Arafat.


Read the whole thing. Sounds like little more than the usual anti-America claptrap filmmaker Jason Apuzzo warned us would be coming from Hollywood.

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