Rep. John Murtha: a fountain of misinformation

Stephen Hayes writes:

REPRESENTATIVE John Murtha, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, March 19, to evaluate the war in Iraq on its third anniversary. Murtha, a decorated veteran and longtime hawk, has become a leading spokesman for his party on the war. And on the show, he spoke of what “probably worries me the most” about the U.S. effort in Iraq. The war, said Murtha, is a diversion from the global war on terror.

“There was no terrorism in Iraq before we went there,” said Murtha. “None. There was no connection with al Qaeda, there was no connection with, with terrorism in Iraq itself.” This is now the conventional wisdom on Iraq and terrorism. It is wrong.

Read on for Hayes’ explanation of just how wrong Murtha is. To put it delicately, what Murtha said was a – ahem – fabrication.

Hat tip: Media Lies (via ST reader Fat Tone)

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