“Horror star” Nancy Pelosi?

Joe Gandelman, a blogger I highly respect, blogs today about what he calls the GOP’s finding of a new “horror star”: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Referencing this article from the sometimes-reliable-sometimes-not-so-reliable “The Hill” website that talks about the GOP’s anti-Pelosi campaign strategy, Gandelman writes:

You can hear the music starting now. That menacing cadence. The numbing feeling that something could soon happen. A small move that you see in the corner of your eye that makes your blood run cold. And then it happens:

Nancy Pelosi could be Speaker of the House…

That’s apparently the gist of a GOP effort right now to try and rally the party’s faithful.

He also points out Pelosi’s spokeswoman Jennifer Crider’s response to the GOP ‘attacks’, which was:

“Why are Republicans threatened by a mother of five and grandmother of five? Because Leader Pelosi is effective. House Democrats are united, disciplined and working for a new direction for America — one that works for all Americans, not just the privileged few.”

I think Gandelman goes a little overboard in suggesting that the GOP is trying to paint Pelosi as a horror star, because Pelosi has done a fine job of doing it herself without any help from the GOP. The GOP merely emphasizes points she’s already made – that is, when she’s not too busy avoiding giving direct answers to questions.

Pelosi’s spokeswoman gets it wrong when she talks about the Democrats being “united, and disciplined.” Check here and here to see just how un-united and undisciplined the Democrats actually are right now.

Not that this should give Republicans anything to sing merrily about. We’ve got troubles of our own that need to be addressed. And soon.

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