The NYT’s cooked up editorial

First the editorial, on the now-debunked but widely talked about news reports from several news outlets about pre-war Iraq intelligence reports that were supposedly ‘cooked up’ to fit the admin’s agenda of ‘forcing a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda’.

Now, the smackdown of that editorial: from Curt at Flopping Aces, who provides link after link of evidence to the contrary of the NYT’s editorial, including this video from ABC News from 1999, recaptured by John Hinderaker at Powerline, that is like a trip down memory lane in terms of detailing the contacts believed by the prior administration to have existed between Iraq and AQ, too:

Make sure to read at the Powerline post what Iraq/AQ terrorist links researcher Thomas Joscelyn has to say about the media – and Dem (but I repeat myself) – spin on this story.

Update: For laughs, check out the predictable left’s response to reporting of the admin’s alleged ‘cooked up’ links here (the Hullabaloo link).

Read more via: Jules Crittenden, Macsmind, Tom Maguire, neo-neocon


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