Ted Kennedy: environmental hypocrite

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the years about global warming alarmists, it’s their penchant for asking other people to do their part to conserve and/or invest in alternative forms of energy, so we can all “save the planet” before it’s “too late.” We’ve seen this from the likes of, among others, Al Gore, John Edwards, John Kerry, and various entertainment industry windbags – all people who relish giving the common man grief and guilt over how they are “ruining” the planet with their “wasteful ways.”

It’s not exactly a secret amongst global warming skeptics that Senator Ted Kennedy is as big a hypocrite on the issue of global warming as many of the rest of alarmists, but I don’t think there’s a piece out there that encapsulates just how much of a hypocrite he and in fact other members of the Kennedy family are when it comes to not practicing what they preach as the following Hannity’s America video segment. It’s a little over six minutes, but well-worth watching if you want to know the full extent of Ted Kennedy’s duplicity on the issue of alternative energy sources.

I originally added the embedded link from Fox, but that doesn’t seem to be working right now so I found the same video on YouTube. You’ll have to turn your speakers up on it because the sound is not as good as it was on the Fox embedded video link. If you have trouble hearing that, here’s the direct link to the video. Hilariously enough, as of the time of this writing there is a short ad running just before the video segment promoting clean coal.

Back in late January, Senator Kennedy passed “the torch” to Senator Obama, embracing the junior Senator from Illinois’ call for “change” in America, claiming in his endorsement speech that “[w]e will make the United States the great leader and not the great roadblock in the fateful fight against global warming.” But clearly, when it comes to holding himself to the same standards he demands of others, Ted Kennedy is a miserable failure.

But then again, we knew that already, didn’t we?

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