Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX23) loses it when questioned about Obamacare

This is beginning to become a very bad, disturbing pattern. Big Government’s Mike Flynn writes in response:

I want to make two points; Rep. Rodriguez is an elected official with a duty to represent his constituents in Congress, no matter their political persuasion, and, he volunteered and asked for this job. He wasn’t ordered into this position by some judge, as some kind of sentence. He wants this job. It is a bit stunning that, at the first sign of criticism, he loses his temper so quickly. A confident politician would have been able to field this question.

When called out on it, Rodriquez ought to have been able to field the questions in a manner that didn’t resort to threats and a violent outburst. That he couldn’t tells you all you need to know about the political landscape today.

My friends, there is only one word to describe what you see in this video: PANIC.

You betcha.

Maybe they’re tired of defending the indefensible. Maybe they’re tired of explaining what they think should be “obvious” – but isn’t (well, it IS obvious but not in the way they think it is anyway). Maybe they think they shouldn’t have to explain, well, because they “know what’s best for you.” Whatever the reason, being unwilling to answer legitimate questions about legislation you supported and furthermore being down right hostile to constituents is both outrageous and unacceptable. Unfortunately, childishness, rudeness, violence, and smearing is something we’ve come to expect from Obama-supporting Democrats both in Congress and in mainstream media/op/ed pieces around the country, not to mention from liberal “activists.”

To find out more about Rodriguez’s GOP challenger Francisco Canseco, click here (via Ed Morrissey).

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