Our celebrity President demonstrates classic juvenile bullying tactics while groveling before unions

This is really pathetic.

This is the same guy who, in concert with chief handlers like the Axelturf/Rahmbo/Fibbs axis, has/have collectively trashed the GOP since before he was even officially sworn in as President (after campaigning as a “uniter” for two years), yet he has the audacity to whine that he is being “talked about like a dog” by the opposition? Grow up, Mr. President. The Presidency isn’t for kids.

Obama reminds me of a schoolyard bully who whines about about his opponent(s) to cheering crowds while standing safely outside the sandbox – and then expecting his supporters to ultimately step into the box to do his dirty work. And he doesn’t do it just because he doesn’t want to “get his hands dirty.” He also does it because it’s a classic politician’s tactic – do your best to try and appear as though you are “above the fray” all the while urging your minions to ‘take it to the streets.’ Toldjah so.

And if he’s not doing that, he’s taking cheap shots at his opposition at a venue where he knows they can’t respond, like he did towards the SCOTUS during this year’s SOTU address. These are not the actions of a fearless leader, but of a 1st grade bully getting his buddies to restrain his opponent so the bully himself can take as many swings as he wants without getting hurt himself.

I sure will be glad when the grown ups return to the WH. Preferably in 2012, please.

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